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Large Caliber ABS Abnormal Pipe Extruder Machine 
Large Caliber ABS Abnormal Pipe Extruder Machine
● Extruder: single screw extruder adopts latest groove barrel and high efficiency screw which provides high ouput and perfect plasticization capacity...
PP-R, PP, PB, PERT, PA11, ABS, PEX Polyolefine Pipe High-Speed & High-Efficiency Extrusion Line 
PP-R, PP, PB, PERT, PA11, ABS, PEX Polyolefine Pipe High-Speed & High-Efficiency Extrusion Line
Details about products PP-R, PP, PB, PERT, PA11, ABS, PEX polyolefine pipe high-speed & high-efficiency extrusion line is developed based on the years...
ABS Pipe Production Line 
ABS Pipe Production Line
FEATURE AND FUNCTION: The screw of the extruder is equipped with barrier unit and mixing structure, and the barrel owns new style grooves. All of these...
Supplier:Zhangjiagang City Yili Machinery Co., Ltd
ABS Pipe Machine Line 
ABS Pipe Machine Line
For construction water supply and drain systems, refrigeration and air conditioning and cooling water systems, environmental sewage and water treatment...
Supplier:Everplast Machinery Co., Ltd

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