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Injection Molding Machine

Two-Platen Plastic Injection Molding Machine(3) High Precision Injection Molding Machine(4) Horizontal Injection Machine(39) Vertical Injection Molding Machine(12) Single/Dual color Injection Machine(20) Multi-color Injection Machine(10) Bakelite Injection Molding Machine(7) BMC Injection Machine(6) Toggle Injection Molding Machine(8) Preform Injection Machine(16) Electric Injection Molding Machine(6) Bottle CAP Injection Machine(9) Shoe Injection Machine(7) Thermoset Injection Molding Machine(10) Insert Injection Molding Machine(4) Hydraulic Clamp Injection Machine(15) Accumulator Injection Molding Machine(3) VCD/CD Injection Molding Machine(2) In Mold Labeling Turnkey Solution(13) Energy Saving Injection Molding Machine(5) Gas Assisted Injection Molding Machine(3)

Plastic Blow Molding Machinery

Plastic Automatic Blow Molding Machine(17) Plastic Semi-Auto Blow Molding Machine(8) Plastic Stretch Blow Molding Machine(10) Plastic Injection Blow Molding Machine(5) Plastic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine(13) Plastic Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine(3) Plastic Accumulator Blow Molding Machine(5) Plastic Electric Blow Molding Machine(2)

Plastic Plate Extrusion Machine

PP Plate Extruder(7) PE Plate Extruder(4) PS Plate Extruder(4) PC Plate Extruder(4) PVC Plate Extruder(13) ABS Plate Extruder(4) HIPS Plate Extruder(3) Hollow Cross Section Plate Extrusion Line(9) Beehive Plate Extrusion Line(1) Wood and Plastic Composite Plate Extrusion Line(8) XPS Heat Insulation Foamed Plate Extrusion Line(9)

Plastic Bag Making Machine

Bottom Sealing Bag Making Machine(4) Side Weld/Double Weld/Bottom Weld Bag Making Machine(1) Gloves Making Machine(4) Garbage Bag Making Machine(11) Patch Handle Bag Making Machine(4) Shopping Bag Making Machine(4) Soft Loop Bag Making Machine(8) Jumbo Bag Making Machine(3) Zipper Bag Making Machine(5) Cement Bag Making Machine(0) T-Shirt Bag Making Machine(15) Sealing and Cutting Machine(28) Woven Bag Making Machine(7) Woven Bag Cutting/Sewing Machine(7) Non-Woven Bag Making Machine(5) Draw Tape Bag Making Machine(4) Die Cut Bag Making Machine(4) Gusset Bag Making Machine(9) Three Side Sealing Bag Making Machine(17) Stationery Bag Making Machine(3) Laminated Bag Making Machine(1) Servo Motor Drive Side Hole Bag Making Machine(1)

Plastic Pipe Extrusion Machine

Steel Plastics Pipe Extruder(2) PC Pipe Extruder(2) PP Pipe Extruder(14) PE Pipe Extruder(24) PU Pipe Extruder(3) PVC Pipe Extruder(41) PPR Pipe Extruder(27) PPC Pipe Extruder(1) PPB Pipe Extruder(3) ABS Pipe Extruder(4) HDPE Pipe Extruder(9) PMMA Pipe Extruder(1) UPVC Pipe Extruder(9) CPVC Pipe Extruder(3) NYLON Pipe Extruder(3) PERT Pipe Extruder(6) Rigid Pipe Making Machine(3) Soft Hose Making Machine(6) Reinforced Hose Making Machine(13) Exactitude Medicine Pipe Extruder(5) Flexible Pipe Extrusion Line(3) Refill Pipe Production Line(1) Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line(17) Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line(24) Large Diameter Gas Supply Pipe Extrusion Line(7) Small Diameter Pipe Extrusion Line(5) Large Diameter Water Supply Pipe Extrusion Line(10) Hollow Wall Winding Pipe Extrusion Line(11) Twin Pipe Extrusion Line(13) PP/PE Compound Co-Extrusion Pipe Production Line(3) Carbon Spiral Pipe Extrusion Line(7) Aluminum and Plastic Composite Pipe Extrusion Line(8) Drip Irrigation Pipe Extrusion Line(7) Multi-layers Co-Extrusion Pipe Extrusion Line(9) PVC Ribbed Pipe Extrusion Line(3) PVC Pipe Belling Machine(17) Wood-Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line(2) Cable Protection Pipe Extrusion Line(9) Silicon-Core Pipe Extrusion Line(2) Copper-Plastic Complex Pipe Extrusion Line(1)

Extrusion Machinery

3D Printer Filament Extrusion Machine(2) Hot Melt Adhesive Laminating Machine(1) Single Screw Extruder(49) Twin Screw Extruder(53) Rewinding Machine(18) Slitting Machine(21) Extrusion Laminating Machine(32) Dry/Wet Laminating Machine(8) Monofilament Machine(9) Flat Yarn Making Machine(20) Circular Loom(14) Non-Woven Machine(2) Raschel Knitting Machine(3) Strapping Band Making Machine(21) Straw Making Machine(10) Waste Recycling Machine(57) Pellet Making Machine(64) Adhesive Tape Making Machine(7) Cheese Winder(30) Luggage Case Thermoforming Machine(2) Wire & Cable Extruder(5) Chemical Fiber Extruder(3) Plastic Imitate Rattan Extruder(1) Fabric Machine(3) Hot Melt Coating Machine(15) Single Color Or Multicolor Extruder(3) Versatile Moveable Up-Down Type Extruder(2) Shading Net Machine(1) Onion Bag Machine(1) Fishing Net Making Machine(1) Safety Net Machine(1) Plastic Net Bag Making Machine(2)

Plastic Sheet Extrusion Machine

PP Sheet Extruder(28) PE Sheet Extruder(12) PC Sheet Extruder(10) PS Sheet Extruder(11) ABS Sheet Extruder(8) PVC Sheet Extruder(21) EVA Sheet Extruder(4) PMMA Sheet Extruder(5) HIPS Sheet Extruder(5) PET Sheet Extruder(18) APET Sheet Extruder(5) PVC Roofing Sheet Extrusion Machine(2) Co-Extruder Sheet Machine(7) Vertical Monolayer Sheet Machine(1) Horizontal Monolayer Sheet Machine(2) Stationery Sheet Machine(3) Multi-layers Sheet Extrusion Line(22) Corrugated Sheet Extrusion Line(7) Wood and Plastic Composite Sheet Extrusion Line(5) PP Calcium Powder Green Sheet Extrusion Line(1) Aluminum and Plastic Composite Sheet Extrusion Line(7) Door/Window extrusion machine (8) PC/PMMA Optic Sheet/Plate Extrusion Line(3)

Plastic Film Extrusion Machine

Blown Film Machine(34) Cast Film Machine(19) Cling Film Machine(4) Air-Bubble Film Machine(9) Shrink Film Machine(9) Wrapping Film Machine(14) Co-Extrusion Blown Film Machine(13)

Plastic Foam Extrusion Machine

Foam Board Extruder(10) Foam Net Extruder(8) Foam Pipe Extruder(4) Foam Sheet Extruder(11) Foam Plate Extruder(8) EPS/EPE/EPP/EPO molding machine(3) EPS Cutting Machine(2) Foam Plastic Bolection Type Shaped Material Production Line(3) Wood & Plastic Foamed Composite Extrusion Line(6) EVA Foam Forming Machine(4)

Plastic Profile Extrusion Machine

PVC Profile Extrusion Line(28) Wood Plastic Compound Profiles Extrusion Line(24) Picture Frame Profile Extrusion Line(3) Window Profile Extrusion Line(6) Hollow Profile Sheet Extrusion Line(13)

Plastic Vacuum Forming Machine

Plastic Thermoforming Machine(13) Plastic Cup Vacuum Forming Machine(5) Ice Cream Cup Vacuum Forming Machine(1) Foam Tray Vacuum Forming Machine(1) Noodle Bowl Vacuum Forming Machine(1) Cake Box Vacuum Forming Machine(1) Hamburger Box Vacuum Forming Machine(1) Egg Box Vacuum Forming Machine(1) Fast Food Box Vacuum Forming Machine(2)

Plastic Welding Machine

Ultrasonic Welding Machine(3) High Frequency Welding Machine(8) Induction Heating Equipment(4) Hot Plate Welding Machine(3) Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine(5)

Plastic Printing Machine

Flexographic Printing Machine(20) Rotogravure Printing Machine(21) Screen Printing Machine(7) Hot Stamping Machine(7) Heat Transfer Machine(6) Pad Printing Machine(17) Bar Code Printing Machine(3) Woven Bag Printing Machine(5) Jumbo Bag Printing Machine(3) Paper Bag Printing Machine(2) Board of Printing Press(8) Roll to Roll Printing Machine(4) Flame Surface Treatment(5)

Rubber Machinery

Rubber Calendering Machine(12) Rubber Kneader(6) Rubber Vulcanizer(2) Rubber Internal Mixer(3) Rubber Injection Molding Machine(11) Silicone Injection Molding Machine(6) Hydraulic Vacuum Molding Machine(3) Hydraulic Molding Machine(10) Rubber Cutting Machine(11) Rubber Trimming Machine(2) Rubber Cooling Machine(3) Rubber Extruder(5)

Plastic Auxiliary Machine

Shape Molding Machine(1) Label Remover Machine(6) Vacuum Receiver(1) Powder Receiver(1) Gravimetric Blender(2) Hydraulic Punching Machine(3) Dust Collector(3) Dust Cyclone(3) Canister(0) Oil Mist Collector(1) Ventilation Fan(0) Water Cooling Fan(0) Knife Grinder(1) Centralized Conveying System(16) Material Suction Hopper(2) Above-Ground Stand(1) Ratio Valve(2) Hammer Mill(1) Magnetic Separator(1) Folding Machine(1) Spot Welder(1) Material Distribution Station(1) Crystallizator(1) Volumetric Color Dosing Machines(1) Oil Eiminator(1) Washing Machine(15) Plastic Crusher/Granulator(101) Plastic Breaker(8) Plastic Mixer(89) Plastic Feeder(26) Plastic Loader(36) Plastic Chiller(40) Plastic Dehumidifier(43) Plastic Hopper Dryer(55) Plastic Mold Temperature Controller(35) Take-out Robot(13) Compactor(3) Draw Machine(4) Conveyer(25) Vibration Sifter(26) Baler(7) Tachometer & Line Speed Meter(1) Static Eliminator(3) Fluidized Bed(1) Inspection Machine(5) Plastic Pipe Shredders(3) Cup Couting Machine(5) Pre Heater(4) Testing Machine(4) Profile Extrusion Tooling(4) Pipe Extrusion Tooling(4) Remote Monitor System(1) Eps Foam Machinery(1) Pipe Stacking Systems(2) Film Scratching Machine(1) Cutting Machine(42) Block Forming Machine(4)

Plastic Mold

Plastic Injection Mold(22) Plastic Blow Molding Mold(15) Plastic Extrusion Mold(16) Plastic Thermoforming Mold(7) Plastic Preform Mold(15) Extrusion T-Die(19) Hot Runner Mold(3) Quick Mold Change System(1) Mold Coolant Quick Couplers(1) Mold Rack(7) Hydraulic Quick Coupler(1)

Plastic Machinery Parts

Hydraulic Pumping(3) Haul-off(14) Gearboxes For Twin-Screw Extruder(3) Gearboxes For Electric-Driven Injection Presses(2) Take-Up Unit(1) Fastener Hardware(1) Servo-Drive Motor(1) Mold Parts(1) Screen Computer(1) Hydraulic Circuit Block(1) Screw And Barrel(23) Knives / cutters(16) Worm Reducer(1) Tie bar For Plastic Machine(2) Gear Motor(2) Planetary Reducer(2) Gear Reducer(8) Gearboxes For Single-Screw Extruder(9) Blower(11) Electromagnetic Clutch & Brake(2) Embossing Roller(10) Mirror Roller(8) Plastic Machine Divergence Controllers(2) Liquid Metering Monitoring Device(3) High Temperature Melt Pressure Sensor(1) High Temperature Melt Pressure Transmitter(1) Control Valve(5) Gear Pump(14) Photoelectric Protector(1) Photo sensor(2) Headed Heaters(9) Screen Changers(15) Shaft Coupling(4) Torque limiters(1) Air Cylinder(2) Thermocouples(3) Thermometers(2) Vacuum Suction Pads(2) Oil Cooler Condensers(2) Clamping(8) Relay(1) Mark Sensor(1) Side Channel Ring Compressor(8) Sensor Controller(3) Magnetic Frame(16) Corona Treatment(2) Proximity Sensor(1) Tank(21) Fiber Sensor(1) Presser Foot Lifter(2) Pressure Meter(1) Pre-expander(3) Filling gun(1) Spray Nozzle(3) Blown Film Cooler(3) Chrome-Plated Bar(1) Machinery Leader(1) Honed Cylinder Tube(1) Gear(3) Universal Joint For Gearbox(3) Electromagnetic Powder Clutch & Brake(1) Rotation Unit(2) Stabilizer Ring(1) Air Ring(3) Leveling pad(2) Switchboard(1) Air-Oil Cooler(2)

Plastic Product

Rubber Part(2) Precision Small Tube Processing(1) Nylon Tube(1) 3D Printer Filament(1) Precision Profile Processing(1) PC/PMMA/PS Lampshade Profile, LED Lampshade(1)

Additives & Masterbatches

Additives(1) Masterbatches(3)