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Recycling made Simple POLYSTAR to showcase recycling technology at PlastEurasia 2017
Time: 2017-11-02
Recycling made Simple – POLYSTAR to showcase recycling technology at Turkey PlastEurasia 2017
POLYSTAR will demonstrate its HDPE/LDPE film recycling machine Repro-Flex the upcoming exhibition at Turkey PlastEursia this December. It will be the fourth consecutive year that POLYSTAR displays a running machine at this exhibition.
The extremely compact, easy-to-use recycling machine produces high quality recycled pellets that allows plastic producers to use a higher percentage of recycled pellets back into their production lines.
The model Repro-Flex was first introduced in K Show 2013, since then more than 230 lines of the Repro Flex have already been delivered to 72 countries worldwide. Besides its extremely user-friendly operation, the recycling machine is equipped with Siemens energy saving motors, which consume less energy. The special screw design gently melts the plastic during the short but efficient recycling process, keeping the degradation at the minimum level for high pellets reusability.
POLYSTAR developed the Repro Flex especially for processing different types of printed and unprinted HDPE, LDPE and PP packaging film, raffia and regrind (injection) waste.
The one-step (cutting +extrusion+ pelletizing) recycling technology Repro Flex reduces labor, space and energy cost, making in-house recycling easy and manageable for all plastic producers.Besides simple operation, the machine is very easy to perform maintenance on, replace consumable spare parts, and fast change between different types of material (HDPE, LDPE, PP).
At Turkey PlastEurasia 2017, visitors can see POLYSTAR’s stand at 1210C for live machine demonstration.