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Sidel Matrix Combi Blow-Fill-Cap Systems
Time: 2017-12-11
The Sidel Matrix Combi machine provides comparable energy saving of 45 per cent, alongside a major decrease in water consumption and a 40 per cent improvement in the plant’s total production.
Following a significant investment in the biggest-ever Sidel Combi for CSD (carbonated soft drinks) in 2011, Refres Now, the Argentinian producer of the Manaos brand of beverages, has installed a further blow-fill-cap solution. With the Sidel Matrix™ Combi, Refres Now can expect comparable savings of 45% in its energy consumption. It also anticipates a significant decrease in water consumption and an improvement of 40% in the plant's total production output.
The Sidel Matrix Combi is part of a new line which was installed as an expansion of the company’s production facility in La Mantaza. The expansion of this plant is the result of a $12 million (€10 million, £9.2 million) investment, which also covers the opening of a new warehouse for finished storage product, which was opened by the Argentinian President Mauricio Macri.
According to Marcos Pilati, Sales Director for Mexico and North Hispanic zones at Sidel, Refres Now has benefitted from the performance of integrated solution. The resulting top quality bottles were better suited to withstand the pressures of transportation and the challenges of the entire supply chain. Despite the difficult economic situation with South America over recent years, the equipment Refres Now has installed has helped the company over-perform their objectives. Thanks to this, Refres Now turned to Sidel when it needed to increase production capacity, and the Sidel Matrix has allowed energy consumption to be cut by 45 per cent.
The Sidel Matrix Combi is a hygienic solution offering an extensive range of configurations. It is an integrated blow-fill-cap solution within a single, small controlled production environment in which intermediate conveyors and equipment are eliminated to deliver outstanding hygiene performance while simultaneously cutting costs. With efficiency levels up to 4% higher than standalone machines, the Combi cuts operating costs by up to 12%, offering faster format changeovers, lower energy consumption and savings in labor, raw materials, maintenance time and spare parts. Furthermore, it uses up to 30% less floor space, compared with traditional standalone equipment. Additionally, the Sidel Matrix SF300 FM filler with 162 valves allows an output speed of 32,000 bottles per hour, and reduces CO2 consumption and the footprint of the equipment.
For Refres Now, the start-up of line number nine means a great success, according to Walter Canido, Operations Manager at Refres Now. Sidel has had an impeccable trajectory in technology for the bottling industry, but above all the magic ingredient for the equation to work is its people, and for Refres Now that is more important than the machine itself. The company’s next step in line number 10, and the future is infinite.
Refres Now already has the largest bottling plant in Latin America and one of the largest soft drinks production sites in the world. The company manufactures the Manaos brand in five different flavors: cola, orange, lemon-lime, apple, and grapefruit. In a daily production output of over 3.5 million liters, it also produces many more other leading products, which include sodas, waters and flavored waters. 
Source: www.sidel.com