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POLYSTAR displays recycling technology in Plast Eurasia 2017
Time: 2017-12-14
POLYSTAR displays recycling technology in Plast Eurasia 2017
In the annual four day exhibition located in Istanbul, POLYSTAR showcased its latest PE/PP film recycling technology. The extremely simple-to-use, compact recycling machine is designed specifically for plastic producers who are looking to recycle their in-house, post-industrial waste in an easy way.
POLYSTAR recycling machine can process various types of material including printed HDPE/LDPE film, stretch film, shrink film, BOPP、 CPP、OPP laminated film.
The machine is also capable of processing injection molded waste (rigid regrind), PP jumbo bag/raffia and thermoformed waste generated during the production process.
POLYSTAR designs the line to be extremely user-friendly to ensure smooth and stable operation. Simplicity is embodied throughout the entire machine design - From user interface, machine operation, maintenance to replacement of individual consumable spare parts.
Having  participated in this exhibition for the fourth straight year, POLYSTAR has also seen significant growth in sales in the Turkish market, with the numbers of recycling machines installed doubled comparing to the previous year. In Turkey, the 250kg/hr model as well as the 400kg/hr model have been the most popular across different sectors. The exhibition is also a great platform to interact with plastic producers from neighboring countries such as Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Romania, Iran, Russia , Ukraine, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, Ghana…..
Visitors will be able to see live POLYSTAR machine on display in the upcoming Interplastica (Russia) in January and Plast India in February, as well as more than 15 worldwide exhibitions in 2018.
POLYSTAR: http://www.polystarco.com/en/index.html
POLYSTAR Plastic Recycling Machine: http://www.polystarco.com/en/products_i_Plastic_film_recycling_machine.html
Recycling Machine Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xT0xiTCuSXI
Contact POLYSTAR: sales@polystarco.com