Injection Machines(Enaiviv EN Series)

Horizontal Injection Machine

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Products Name: Injection Machines(Enaiviv EN Series)

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EN Series:30-250 Ton
Enaiviv EN Series Injection Machines are the best choice to reach your High Precision Quality achievement for long term investment. Our EN series from 30-3500 Ton could offer your different demands in wide production requirements. We believe our passion and faith is the only way to make the best machines for our users.
Standard Accessories:
T-Slot Platen
200 Sets or Unlimited Mold Memory
Japan Made Pressure & Flow Proportional Valve
Low Pressure Mold Protection (Logic system for molding protection)
Hydraulic Core Pull Device
Air Blow (Air Ejector)
Toggles Lubricated Automatically
50kg Hopper Dryer
4 Transducers
Large-Size Oil Cooler
Bimetallic Screw Head
Screw Rpm Displays
TFT Multi-color Screen
Safety Device For Electric Leakage
Anti-Vibration Pads
Mold Hoist Support Rod (30-200 Ton)
Clamping Bars Set
Mould Fixed Ring (30-1250 Ton)
Tools kit, or Spare parts * 1 set
One Year Guarantee
Optional Accessories:
MOOG Super High-Speed System
Servo P.Q.S Hydraulic System
Accumulator High-Speed Machine for High Injection
Inverter Energy-Saving System For more than 50% saving.
Ceramic Heater Bands for over 300℃ raw plastic material (Ex: L.C.P plastic material)
RS422 Central Control
Bimetallic Barrel Set
Variable Energy-Saving Pump
Closed Loop System
Multi Hydraulic Circuit System (2-Loop, or 3-Loop system)
Mixing Screw
Auto Loader
Auto Back Pressure
Self-Lubricated Toggles Bushes
Unscrew System
Pressure sensor for feed back
Control value for oil cooler
Servo P.Q.S hydraulic system (Optional)
1. High precision and speedy response (under0.1sec)
2. Energy saving. Sensor compensation for differential pressure, pump loading pressure variable
3. Digital control. Easy adjustment, high precision
4. Lowest pressure control 0

Injection Machines(Enaiviv EN Series)

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Horizontal Injection Molding Machine,Vertical Injection Molding Machine,BMC injection molding machine,Thermoset Injection Molding Machine,Preform Injection Molding Machine




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