Bakelite DAP Injection Molding Machine

Bakelite Injection Molding Machine

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Products Name: Bakelite DAP Injection Molding Machine

Features Specifications:

Vertical clamping,Vertical Injection,Easy to insert
The special sandwich tomplate design including cold water plate and hoat insutation fiber glass plate enable the stability and life cycle of machine caused by heat change of mold and reduce the unnecessary waste of energy

INJECTION UNIT Items Unit Model:SEV4-S-85T-B
Screw Diameter mm Φ40 Φ45
Theoretical Injection Volume cm3 176 223
Injection Rate cm3/s 148 187
Injection Speed mm/s 118 118
Max.Injection Pressure Mpa(kgf/cm2) 143(1492) 115(1176)
Screw Speed Rotation r.p.m 0-300
Nozzle Out From Platens mm ≧45
CLAMPING UNIT Clamping Force KN(tf) 833(85)
Clamping Stroke mm 250
Min Mold Thickness mm 176(276)
Max.Opening mm 426(526)
Distance Between Tie Bars mm 5000*385
Platens Dimension mm 540*490
Ejector Distance mm 75
Ejector Force KN(tf) 26.5(2.7)
OTHERS System Pressure Mpa(kgf/cm2) 13.7(140)
Oil Tank Capacity L 335
Electric Power KW(HP) 15(20)
Machine Dimensions L*W mm 2140*1410
H mm 3025(3590)
Machine Weight tf 3.4

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Vertical/Horizontal Injection Molding Machine




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