BMC Injection Molding Machine

BMC Injection Machine

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Products Name: BMC Injection Molding Machine

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BMC Special thermosetting injection molding barrel and screw set
Special hydraulic feeding mechanism for injection cylinder connected directly with barrel feed-hole enable the barrel set not to deformation due to stress when feeding in
Hard chrome plated high tensile steel tie-bar with surface in tempered treatment can be more durable
The special sandwich template design including cold water plate and heat insulation fiber glass plate enable the stability and life cycle of machine caused by heat change of mold and reduce the unnecessary waste of energy

INJECTION UNIT Items Unit Model:V85R3-GⅡ-B
Screw Diameter mm Φ40 Φ45
Theoretical Injection Volume cm3 201 245
Injection Rate cm3/sec 163 207
Injection Speed mm/s 130 130
Max.Injection Pressure Mpa(kgf/cm2) 195(1985) 154(1568)
Screw Speed Rotation r.p.m 0-260
Nozzle Out From Platens mm ≧45
CLAMPING UNIT Clamping Force KN(tf) 1176(120)
Clamping Stroke mm 460
Min Mold Thickness mm 122
Max.Opening mm 582
Diatance Between Tie Bars mm 425*425
Platens Dimension mm 655*655
Ejector Distance mm 90
Ejector Force KN(tf) 48(4.9)
OTHERS System Pressure Mpa(kgf/cm2) 17.2(175)
Oil Tank Capacity L 290
Electric Power KW(HP) 22(30)
Machine Dimensions L*W mm 4310*1160
H mm 2975
Machine Weight tf 5.2

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Vertical/Horizontal Injection Molding Machine




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