High Speed Injection Molding Machine

Vertical Injection Molding Machine

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Products Name: High Speed Injection Molding Machine

Features Specifications:

This machine may abbreviation the action time of turn on/off machines , injection speed can be as speedy as 338 mm/s﹔injection pressure amount 2811 kg/cm2.
SP- high injection speed and high precision series machine﹐in order to make the machine more precision、more embrasure and more equability,equipped with double-metal plastic material combination.
Nozzle cylinder combination and Injection cylinder combination deposited in parallel , equipped with ancillary guide column to ensure the machine high-speed operating in steadily.
Detach form tank,put aside oil cleanliness,detach convenience .
Hard chrome plated high tensile steel tie-bar , specially deep-hardened and chrome plated for extra durability,it owns ascendant abrasion performance.
Control Unit :
OMRON NS8 computer controller with large size colored touch LCD screen equipped with the newest OMRON PLC high response controller while all major pressure,location,speed .etc are all monitored with high automation.
Major movement units equipped with high precision Italy linear transducer and pressure sensors undertake 0.05 mm micro setting
Clamping Unit :
Use of Vertical clamping and slide table for mould movement can get parts convenience.
The pressure and flow control of hydraulic circulation equipped with BOSCH large flow and high precision half closed-loop proportional valves from German, precision sensors feedback and high speed performance half closed-loop proportional valves and special oil circuit achieve high speed request and guarantee low energy consumption and fast movement.
Injection Unit :
Screw speed monitored by computer.
Injection system equipped with NACHI directional flow controls from Japan which response speed is very fast make sure the micro precision injection more accurate and more equability .
Double cylinders of injection system keep injection combination parallel move while injection combination adopts less floor design .
Use of CNC Proportional relief valve makes filling more precision and more stable.
Temperature control unit equipped with PID(FUJI) +SSR precision control and the nozzle stage equipped with PIU (FUJI) +SCR super precision control make the nozzle stage temperature control more fidelity and it may run differential and integral count and automatically adjust the states of range of temperature.

INJECTION UNIT Items Unit Model:SP-S-35T
Screw Diameter mm Φ18 Φ20
Theoretical Injection Volume cm³ 26.7 32.9
Injection Weight(PS) g(oz) 24.8(0.87) 30.6(1.1)
Injection Rate cm³/s 86 106
Injection Speed mm/s 338 338
Max.Injection Pressure Mpa(kgf/cm²) 275(2811) 206(2100)
Screw Speed Rotation r.p.m 0-380
Nozzle Out From Platens mm ≧45
CLAMING UNIT Clamping Force KN(tf) 343(35)
Clamping Stroke mm 200
Min.Mold Thickness mm 220(270)
Max.Opening mm 420(470)
Distance Between Tie Bars mm 370*210
Platens(Slide)Dimension mm 500*360
Ejector Distance mm 105
Ejector Force KN(tf) 17(1.75)
OTHERS System Pressure Mpa(kgf/cm²) 13.7(140)
Oil Tank Capacity L 335
Electric Power KW(HP) 15(20)
Heat Power KW 3.5
Machine Dimension L*W mm 1740*1100
H 2643(2893)
Machine Weight tf 1.85

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