Injection Mould Machine(SZ Series)

Horizontal Injection Machine

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Products Name: Injection Mould Machine(SZ Series)

Features Specifications:

5 Points vertical double toggle mechanism
Double-cylinder balance injection system
Multi-stage pressure & speed injection
Back-pressure adjustment device
Low pressure mold protection
Multiple hydraulic ejector knock-out
Mechanical,hydraulic,electrical safety devices
Automatic concentrate lubrication system
Mechanical leveling pad
Multiple hydraulic core pulling & inserting
Extended nozzle
machinery hand
Automatic plastic dehumidezer
plastic dehumidify machine
Mold temperature controller
cold water machine
mould press plank
Theoretical shot volume=(screw cylinder cross section)*(screw stroke)
The injection show weight should be 91% of the theoretical shot volume for polystyrene(PS)
The plasticizing capacity and injection rate are the values for polystyrene(PS)
Due to continual improvement,specifications are subject to change without notification
The machine picutres are for your visual reference,may have trivial difference from the actual machines.
There is more detailed documentation for your availability in addition to specification

Item Unit SZ-550NB
INJECTION UNIT Screw Diameter mm 32 35 38
Screw L/D Ratio L/D 22 20.1 18.5
Theoretical Injection Volume cm 80 96 113
Injection Weight(PS) g 73 87 103
Injection Pressure Mpa 203 169 144
Injection Rate(PS) g/s 65 78 92
Plasticizing Capacity(PS) g/s 11.7 14 16.5
Screw Speed Rotation r/m 210
Nozzle Thrust KN 30
Nozzle Stroke mm 255
CLAMPING UNIT Clamping Force KN 550
Clamping Stroke mm 260
Mold Thickness mm 100-300
Space Between Tie-Bars mm 300*300
HYD.Ejector Force KN 27
HYD.Ejector Stroke mm 85
No. of Ejector pc 1
OTHERS Pump Motor Power KW 9
Heating Power kw 6
Machine Dimensions m 3.6*1.1*1.7
Machine Weight ton 2.3
Oil Tank Capacity L 160

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Ningbo Haifly Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd.

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Injection moulding machine, injection mould and related auxiliary equipment.




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