All Electric Driven Three Layer Double Stations Blow Molding Machine

Plastic Electric Blow Molding Machine

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Products Name: All Electric Driven Three Layer Double Stations Blow Molding Machine

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FMA-4T-BL3L is an all electric driven 3 layer double stations blow molding machine. All mechanical movement are driven by electric motors and servo motors, no conventional hydraulic system is needed.
During machine at standby condition there is no electric power consumption at all. This model of blow molding machine is suit to run small container (capacity less than 2 liters) especially good for food container, pharmaceutical container and cosmetic container manufacturer to manufacture bottles to meet their customer high quality and strict hygiene standard.
Also the three layer wall is form included a barrier layer(EVOH), its gas barrier properties to prevent the product weight loss, minimize migration of orders, protect against the effects of residual printing solvents contamination and can extended the product storage life.
This model of machine also can be custom made to satisfy individual customer requirement.
Special characters of this all electric driven double stations three layer blow molding machine:
a.Less energy consumption ( save electric power up to 60% compare to conventional hydraulic power model ).
b.Low noise level, without hydraulic motor, while machine operating the noise level is much quire than conventional blow molding machine.
c.No hydraulic system maintenance is require, because all movement are driven by servo motors.
d.Clean work area, hygiene no oil contamination to end product, machine can be set up to run in clean room to meet strict hygiene standard.
e.Maximum precision and repeatability in ever cycle.
f.High efficiency, low defect rate.
g.Easy to set-up mold.
h.Environmental and user friendly.

All Electric Driven Three Layer Double Stations Blow Molding Machine

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