Toggle Clamping Injection Molding Machine(HT-I Series)

Toggle Injection Molding Machine

Model No:

HT-100I 125I 150I

Products Name: Toggle Clamping Injection Molding Machine(HT-I Series)

Features Specifications:

In addition to having the advantages of the successful FT series, the new HT series are also packed with these wonderful features and characteristics:
Ultra Wide: Wider distance between tie bar and clamping stroke with the usage of square platen. Suitable for larger variety of molds and capacitate in molding process.
Ultra Durable: Increased durability through the application of new series toggle system upon Finite Element Analysis (FEA), high strength to increase lifespan of tie bars and assure quality of products.
Ultra Clean: Usage of oil-less bearings on moving parts of platen and toggle boosts cleanliness and also helps to save on cleaning efforts and eliminate cost of lubricating oils. (HT-100I~HT-200I)
Ultra Strong: All new high rigid structure frame, design upon Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of stress and strain affect. Assure the excellent of frame structure, the HT series were capable of this advantage improvement.
Ultra Flexible: New frame structure comes with bigger product delivery space. This makes for installation of auxiliary equipments and is compatible with conveyors from multi direction to allow easier automation.
Ultra Safe: Safety is enhanced by applying the exclusively designed non-adjusting safety bar and low-pressure protection loop.
Ultra Intelligent: Equipped with the new FCS-2100 controller that has the capabilities for semi-close loop or close loop option, user-friendly graphic operation interface, online curve detection and centrally managed web link, this machine is ultra-smart!
Ultra Save: Injection unit adapted with the patented regeneration loop. If Hi-Speed mode (Type I) is selected, it eliminates the consumption of oil return, and improves injection speed. When the Hi-pressure Mode (Type II) is selected, it permits higher injection pressure. This patented feature allows the same console to be operated for high injection speed products and high injection pressure products at the same time to significantly expand the applications of the console.
Ultra Stable: Semi-close loop (above HT-600I) and high efficiency cooling system are more reliable in molding process.
Ultra Easy: Easy nozzle alignment after injection carriage improved. Easy care and maintenance. Modularized power, hydraulic, mechanical components, easy care.
*The shot weight is based on polystyrene at specific gravity of 1.05.
*The following specifications are for your reference only and can not be used as the machine acceptance criteria. Please contact with our sales representatives to confirm the most appropriate machine features.

Items Unit HT-100I HT-125I HT-150I
Injection Unit
Screw Diameter mm 30 34 40 34 40 44 40 44 50
Screw Stroke mm 150 180 200
Theoretical Shot Volume cm³ 108 139 192 163 226 273 251 301 388
Shot Weight of Injection(ps`) gram 99 128 175 144 200 240 205 250 322
Injection pressure I Kgf/cm² 1890 1475 1066 1938 1400 1157 1785 1481.3 1146.3
Injection Speed mm/sec 134 120 116
Injection Rate cm³/sec 95 122 168 109 151 182 146 176 228
Injection pressure II Kgf/cm³ 2481 1932 1396 2471 1785 1475 2205 1822 1410
Injection Speed mm/sec 103 95 95
Injection Rate cm³/sec 73 93 129 86 119 144 119 144 186
Mould Clamping Unit
Mould Clamping Force tonf 100 125 150
Mould Clamping Stroke mm 350 410 460
Mould Thickness mm 100-430 120-490 130-550
Suggested Minimum Mold Dim.(HxV) mm 234x234 267x267 299x299
Distance Between Tie Bars(HxV) mm 355x355 405x405 460x460
Mould Platen(HxV) mm 525x525 600x600 670x670
Ejector Stroke mm 90 100 110
Electrical Equipment
Pump Driving Motor HP(kw) 15(11.19) 20(11.92) 25(18.65)
Temperature Controller (range)set (0-400℃)x3 (0-400℃)x4 (0-400℃)x4
Heater Capacity kw 6.85 8.88 11.45
Machine Dimension(LxWxH) mm 4410x1250x1580 4750x1310x1670 5050x1380x1730
Oil Tank Capacity liter 210 250 280
Machine Weight metric tons 3.5 4.5 5.5
Max.System Pressure kgf/cm² 140 140 140

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