High-Speed / Close-loop Hybrid Injection Molding Machine(AF Series)

Horizontal Injection Machine

Model No:

AF-30-- 800

Products Name: High-Speed / Close-loop Hybrid Injection Molding Machine(AF Series)

Features Specifications:

FCS announced complete new and intelligent model of HT series in the beginning of 2001 after struggling researching and development for so many years. To have further raising of technology level, FCS announce another new injection molding machines with close-loop by hybrid type of electricity and oil. By the technology of leader and complete new products guided the field of injection molding machines in Taiwan to approach new generation.
Injection unit applied AC servo motor to feed materials precisely.
Designed with high rigid clamping structure and single cylinder injection structure, it suits for high speed injection.
The respondent time of injection speed is25ms,which was improved significantly.
Injection unit adopted MOOG servo vale and formed a close loop system with high respondent speed.
Maximum injection speed: 700mm/sec(depends on the machine)
With hybrid structure, it forms a double loop system to reduce cycle time.
Adopting whole new controller and the system reacting speed is up to 1 ms.
Suitable for precision electric parts and thin wall products.

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Toggle Type Injection Molding Machine,Direct Hydraulic Clamp Injection Molding Machine,Horizontal Injection Molding Machine,Thermoset Injection Molding Machine,Two-color Injection Molding Machine,Multi-color Injection Molding Machine,Preform Injection Mol




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