Two Platen Hydra-Mech Injection Molding Machine(LM series)

Hydraulic Clamp Injection Machine

Products Name: Two Platen Hydra-Mech Injection Molding Machine(LM series)

Features Specifications:

To satisfy customers need, FCS dedicated to develop two-platen injection molding machine and proposed the LM series, Two Platen Hydra-Mech Injection
Molding Machine. With the advanced design concept, the LM series not only satisfy the customers need but also increase the efficiency and lower the production cost for customer.
Machine Characteristics:
The clamping unit adopts advanced design to make sure the platens parallel while they are moving. The high-pressure clamping control adopts Germany
Rexroths control parts. This makes the clamping force very precise and protects the mold and the machine.
The mold clamping stroke and the capacity are bigger than traditional machine. It makes the machine suit to produce more kinds of product especially the barrel with deep depth.
The machine is shorter than the traditional machine. This makes the machine needs smaller space and the factory can be use more efficiently.
The machine can provide stable clamping force steadily while injecting. The molding will be done with higher yield rate.
There is no toggle structure need for the LM series. The clamping unit needs less lubrication and the maintain cost and pollution will be lower.
The mold opening speed is fast which less the molding cycle time.
Mold is protected while low pressure which longer the mold life.
Newly designed injection unit will provide precise injection.
The LM series of FCS will be promoted to the auto parts industry and big container producers due to its specific features. There will be different clamping force from 1600 tons to 3500 tons available

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