Thermosetting Injection Molding Machine(FT-U Series)

Thermoset Injection Molding Machine

Model No:

FT-180U 220U 260U 320U

Products Name: Thermosetting Injection Molding Machine(FT-U Series)

Features Specifications:

Clamping Unit:
By Computer Aided Design (CAD) clamping system, the clamp stroke and distance between tie bars have been enlarged for versatile usage.
Machines are equipped with up-down toggle system for high speed molding.
Linear potential can reach 0.01mm high accuracy, and all position settings can be saved into the computer, suitable for high precision molding.
Fully automatic lubrication device ensures excellent lubricating effect and assures machines accuracy.
Ring gear and hydraulic motor driving are for quick die height adjustment.
Hydraulic ejector is time retaining, vibration, position retain functions, and an air blasting ejector can be added.
Core pull and unscrewing device have multi-sequence design, suitable for all kinds of molds.
Installed with sliding clamp system cover, easy for inspection and maintenance.
Injection Unit:
Suitable for thermosetting plastic material, double-function for exchanging between thermo-plastic and thermosetting.
By linear potentiometer for 0.01mm high precision position control for injection and clamping systems.
Use of oil heating circulation and electric heating for barrel, ensures the stability of temperature control.
Specialized screw & barrel for thermosetting, special treated steel of barrel set for anti-erosion when in use of thermosetting material.
Built-in cold start protection, loop break alarm and heat reservation function, the tolerance of temperature deviation is ±1°C only.
High torque and excellent performance of hydraulic motor can drive screw directly and shorten plasticizing time so that saves energy.
Bad product detecting function to recognize short-shot or other unnormal products
Special design of nozzle for quick-clearing purpose when machines suspended.
Electrical Unit:
Electrical, hydraulic and mechanical safety devices consist tri-interlock safety system.
Emergency stop on operation & rear sides.
Low pressure mold opening & closing protection.
Hydraulic overheating alarm & automatic shut-down devices.
By microprocessor controller equipped with 4 stages injection, 3 stages holding pressure and 3 stages back pressure.
Shut-down memorized device with 100 memory presets on molding data.
EL display of pressure, speed time and distance for each motion.
Screw rotating speed read-out.
The following specifications are for your reference only and can not be used as the machine acceptance criteria. Please contact with our sales representatives to confirm the most appropriate machine features.

Items Unit FT-180U FT-220U FT-260U FT-320U
Injection Unit
Screw Diameter mm 48 55 57 62 62 68 70 75
Injection pressure Kgf/cm² 2051 1562 1842 1557 1821 1514 1783 1553
Theoretical Shot Volume cm³ 380 499 536 634 755 908 1078 1237
Shot Weight of Injection(ps`) gram 458 601 645 763 909 1093 1297 1489
oz 16.1 21.1 22.6 26.8 32 38.5 45.7 52.4
Injection Rate cm³/sec 130 170 180 213 240 288 297 341
Mould Clamping Unit
Mould Clamping Unit tonf 180 220 260 320
Mould Clamping Stroke mm 420 450 520 600
Mould Thickness mm 120-560 200-650 150-700 250-730
Suggested Minimum Mold Dim.(HxV) mm 300x275 340x300 370x310 420x360
Distance Between Tie Bars(HxV) mm 460x420 520x460 570x480 650x550
Mould platen(HxV) mm 725x685 800x740 870x780 980x890
Ejector Stroke mm 125 145 160 190
Electrical Equipment
Pump Driving Motor HP(kw) 25(18.65) 20(22.38) 40(29.84) 50(37.3)
Temperature Controller (range)set (0-400℃)x4 (0-400℃)x4 (0-400℃)x4 (0-400℃)x4
Machine Dimension(LxWxH) mm 5950x1300x2225 6200x1400x2300 6500x1500x2100 7200x1600x2200
Oil Tank Capacity liter 300 420 510 780
Machine Weight metric tons 7.5 8.8 12.6 13.1
Pump Pressure kg/cm² 140 140 140 140

*Due to continuous improvements, we reserve the right to amend any of the above specifications without prior notice.

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