Series - PET Preform Injection Molding Machine(FT-P)

Preform Injection Machine

Model No:

FT-320LP FT-420P

Products Name: Series - PET Preform Injection Molding Machine(FT-P)

Features Specifications:

PET preform for mineral water, carbonic acid drink, juice, cooking oil, medicine jar and detergent, cosmetic, packing bottle and many others.
Machine and Accessories:
Dehumidifying dryer and auto loader system for material.
Environment dehumidifying dryer system.
Chiller system.
Mold and hot runner temperature controller system.
Automatic system.
Machine Features:
Special injection construction designed to benefit for plasticizing.
By means of linear potentiometer(L/P) for injection and clamping unit. Deviation is under 0.01mm.
By use of PID temperature controller, which has limitations for screw cold starts, broken wire detection, temperature preservation, etc. Temperatures can be controlled by ±1°C.
Microprocessor controller with 4 stages injection, 3 stages holding pressure and 3 stages back pressure.
Shut-down memory is able to store up to 100 preset mold data memory.
Higher stability and lower defect in PET preform dimension.
The following specifications are for your reference only and can not be used as the machine acceptance criteria.Please contact with our sales representatives to confirm the most appropriate machine features.

Items Unit FT-320JP FT-420LP
Injection Unit
Screw Diameter mm 90 90
Injection pressure Kg/cm² 1119 1119
Theoretical Shot Volume cm³ 1780 1780
Shot Weight of Injection grams 2025 2025
ozs 71.3 71.3
Injection Rate cm³/sec 820 820
Mould Clamping Unit
Clamping Force metric tons 320 420
Clamping Stroke mm 600 670
Mould Thickness mm 300-780 250-800
Suggested Min Mold Dim(HxV) mm 420x360 460x400
Distance Between Tie Bars(HxV) mm 650x550 715x615
Mould platen(HxV) mm 980x890 1075x975
Ejector Stroke mm 190 200
Electrical Equipment
Pump Driving Motor HP(kw) 100(74.6) 100(74.6)
Temperature Controller (range)set (0-400℃)x5 (0-400℃)x5
Heater Capacity KW 29 29
Machine Dimension(LxWxH) mm 8800x2000x2200 9200x2000x2200
Oil Tank Capacity liter 830 990
Machine Weight metric tons 15 20
Pump Pressure kg/cm² 140 140

*Due to continuous improvements, we reserve the right to amend any of the above specifications without prior notice.

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