Horizontal Injection Machine(FD-A Series)

Hydraulic Clamp Injection Machine

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Products Name: Horizontal Injection Machine(FD-A Series)

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FD-A direct hydraulic type horizontal injection molding machine clamping force from 60 ton to 450 ton, standard type and high speed injection type, advantage of directly hydraulic clamp, long opening stroke, even tie-bar tension, stable clamping force, small defection at moveable platen, sensible low pressure mould protection, mould height adjustment mechanism eliminated, special feature, injection compression molding, low-pressure molding, low-distortion molding.
The straight pressure clamping mechanism causes the template not not easily to distort, the locking force even assignment, guarantees in the mold the precise stable formation
The LCD liquid crystal screen demonstrated that, each kind of function demonstrated is clear about clearly
Screw rod of material pipe manifold special design, high accuracy P.I.D. The temperature control, each section of temperature control is stable, the error is small
The inorganic articulation (sells, axis) the attrition, exempts the lubrication, the non-oil pollution, the service is simple, the service life is long
Double shoots the cylinder design, the command projects and the feeding steady peaceful
The ultra big mold column spacing and opens the mold traveling schedule, suits the accommodation large-scale mold

INJECTION UNIT Screw Diameter mm 36 40 45
Screw L/D ratio L/D 22.2 20 17.8
Theoretical Shot Volume cm³ 188 232 294
Maximum Shot Weight(PS) g 173 213 270
oz 6.1 7.6 9.6
Maximum Injection Pressure kg/cm² 2571 2083 1645
Injection Rate cm³/sec 109 135 170
Plasticizing capacity(PS) kg/hr 45 56 68
Screw speed(HT/LS) N.m/rpm 882/317
Screw speed(LT/HS) N.m/rpm 770/354
Clamping Unit Clamping Force ton 120
Opening stroke mm 560
Minimum Mold Thickness mm 200
Open Daylight mm 760
Space between tie-bars mm 425x425
Plate dimension mm 620x620
Ejector Stroke mm 150
Ejector Force ton 3.9
OTHERS Pump/motor power hp(kw) 25(18.5)
Hydaulic System Pressure kg/cm² 140
Barrel heating power kw 8.8
Oil Tank Volume L 480
Machine Dimensions(approx.) m 5.1x1.0x1.6
Machine Weight(approx.) t 4.5

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Direct Hydraulic Clamp Injection Molding Machine,Two-color Injection Molding Machine,Vertical Injection Molding Machine




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