Injection Machine(FT-K Series)

Vertical Injection Molding Machine

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Products Name: Injection Machine(FT-K Series)

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Standard machine Vertical injection molding machine, vertical clamping from bottom vertical injection from top, clamping force from 12 ton to 210 ton standard type, shuttle table type, rotary table type.
Vertical clamping and injection design,especially suitable for the insert molding production
User-friendly LCD display shows various functions with 66 sets of mold memory
Injection and clamping controlled by multiple pressures and speeds ensure easy setting and accurate processing
The P.I.D temperature control is accurate for every section
Dual injection and carriage design provides smooth movement and precision molding
Professional designed screw and barrel,suitable for various plasticizing demands
High torque screw motor ensures superior plasticizing ability
Oil-less bushings used on all moving units for better cleanness and easy maintenance
High-rigid frame structure assures stable and smooth sliding movement
Models of single or double sliding tables available for customer’s selectio

INJECTION UNIT Screw Diameter mm φ22 φ25
Maximum Injection Pressure kg/cm2 1627 1260
Theoretical Shot Volume cm3 38 49
Maximum Shot Weight(PS) g(oz) 35(1.2) 45(1.6)
Injection Rate cm3/sec 35 45
CLAMPING UNIT Clamping Force ton 13
Top Platen Size mm 380x240
Bottom Platen Size mm 440x270
Mold Size mm 280x140
Minimum Mold Thickness mm 100/160
Opening Stroke mm 160
Open Daylight mm 260/320
Ejector Force ton 1.3
Ejector Stroke mm 35
OTHERS Hydaulic System Pressure kg/cm2 140
Oil Tank Volume L 80
Electric Power hp(kW) 5.5(4)
Barrel Heating Power kW 2
Total Wattage kW 6
Machine Dimensions(approx.) m 1.3×0.8×2.1
Machine Weight(approx.) t 0.7

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Direct Hydraulic Clamp Injection Molding Machine,Two-color Injection Molding Machine,Vertical Injection Molding Machine




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