Injection Machine(FC Series)

Vertical Injection Molding Machine

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Products Name: Injection Machine(FC Series)

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Double sliding table machine
Vertical clamping from top, horizontal injection unit, c-frame design tie-bar-less type, three sides open, clamping force from 45 ton to 75 ton, standard type, shuttle table type, rotary table type.
Vertical clamping and horizontal injection design, especially suitable for the long parts with insert molding production.
Tie-bar-less machine frame design, easily to remove finished Product and place inserts
Humanistic machine frame height design for comfortable and safe operation.
User-friendly 7-inch display shows various functions with 66 sets of mold memory.
Proportional pressure and flow controlled hydraulic circuit design
Double injection and carriage cylinder design ensures smooth movement and precision molding.
High torque screw motor ensures superior plasticizing ability.
Injection and clamping controlled by linear transducers, together with multiple pressures and speeds adjustment ensure easy setting and accurate processing
The P.I.D. temperature control is accurate for every section
Various models of standard table, double-sliding table and rotary table are available for customer’s selection.

INJECTION UNIT Screw Diameter mm φ36 φ40 φ45
Maximum Injection Pressure kg/cm2 1620 1313 1037
Theoretical Shot Volume cm3 163 201 254
Maximum Shot Weight(PS) g(oz) 150/5.3 186/6.6 235/8.3
Injection Rate cm3/sec 103 128 161
Screw speed r/min 266
CLAMPING UNIT Clamping Force ton 75
Top Platen Size mm 565x390
Bottom Platen Size mm -
Space between tie-bars mm -
Minimum Mold Thickness mm 200
Opening Stroke mm 270
Open Daylight mm 470
Nozzle Center Height mm 170±20
Nozzle Center Distance mm 75
Ejector Force ton 1.1
Ejector Stroke mm 140
OTHERS Sliding table size mm 1100x390
Slide plater stoke mm 570
Rotary table diameter mm -
Hydaulic System Pressure kg/cm2 140
Oil Tank Volume L 309
Pump/motor power hp(kw) 15(11)
Barrel Heating Power kW 7.45
Total Wattage kW 18.45
Machine Dimensions(approx.) m 2.6x1.9x2.4
Machine Weight(approx.) t 4.6

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Direct Hydraulic Clamp Injection Molding Machine,Two-color Injection Molding Machine,Vertical Injection Molding Machine




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