Thermosetting Plastic Injection Molding machine

Thermoset Injection Molding Machine

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Products Name: Thermosetting Plastic Injection Molding machine

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Microcomputer controller provides accuracy, precision, stability and fast reaction. System memory can store up to 120 sets of molding parameters. Auto diagnostic monitor system can detect malfunction immediately shorter the troubleshooting time.
2.Microcomputer control system provide 4-step injection control with adjustable pressure/speed and 3-step holding pressure to meet most complicated molding requirements.
3.Special toggle design of the toggle has smooth and stable movement. Low-pressure protection device is utilized to prevent unintended damage of the mold. Toggle pins equipped with oil-less bushings and auto lubrication device provide excellent lubrication efficiency and extend the machine life.
4.Shorter machines make the room can be used with good flexibility. The toggle mechanism has much longer clamping stroke than traditional toggle machines.
5.Lumped hydraulic circuit reduces power resumption and noise. Exposed hydraulic circuit makes maintenance easier.
6.HWA CHIN machine parts are machined by imported Japanese machining equipment, and rigorously inspected by 3D measuring device to ensure superior quality and accuracy.
7.Through 30 years improvement and upgrade, specification, construction strength and functions absolutely satisfy customers requirement.

  MODELS TB-125 TB-160 TB-210
Force (Ton)
125 160 210
Injection Screw Diameter mm 36 42 48
Pressure (Double cylinder) kg/cm2 1615 1440 1460
Theoretical Shot Volume cm2 180 276 361
Shot Weight g 214 328 430
oz 7.5 11.6 15.1
Injection Rate (Double cylinder) cm3/sec 122 180 265
Plasticizing Capacity kg/hr 56 64 72
Screw Rotation  rpm 0~282 0~279 0~249
Clamping Clamping Stroke mm 440 475 525
Space Between Tie Bar (H x V) mm 400x400 450x450 500x500
Plate Dimension mm 580x580 660x660 735x735
Range of Mold Height mm 55~355 55~405 75~465
Ejection Stroke mm 110 130 150
Other Electrical Motor Power HP 20 25 30
Pump Pressure (Max.) kg/cm2 140 140 140
Packing Machine Dimension (L x W x H) m 4.0x1.2x1.6 4.5x1.2x1.8 4.9x1.4x1.9
Net Weight ton 4.2 5.3 6.8
Packing Dimension m 4.2x1.4x1.8 4.7x1.4x2.0 5.1x1.6x2.1
Gross Weight ton 4.8 6 7.5
Packing Dimension (clamping) m      
Gross Weight (clamping) ton      
Packing Dimension (injection) m      
Gross Weight (injection) ton      

  MODELS TB-250 TB-300 TB-350
Force (Ton)
250 300 350
Injection Screw Diameter mm 55 60 65
Pressure (Double cylinder) kg/cm2 1481 1360 1590
Theoretical Shot Volume cm2 558 734 994
Shot Weight g 664 877 1183
oz 23.4 31 41.8
Injection Rate (Double cylinder) cm3/sec 272 410 353
Plasticizing Capacity kg/hr 97 122 146
Screw Rotation  rpm 0~216 0~201 0~193
Clamping Clamping Stroke mm 580 630 685
Space Between Tie Bar (H x V) mm 550x550 600x600 650x650
Plate Dimension mm 810x810 930x930 1010x1010
Range of Mold Height mm 95~555 115~605 135~655
Ejection Stroke mm 150 180 180
Other Electrical Motor Power HP 40 50 50
Pump Pressure (Max.) kg/cm2 140 140 140
Packing Machine Dimension (L x W x H) m 5.4x1.5x2.0 6.1x1.6x2.0 6.4x1.7x2.1
Net Weight ton 8.5 10.5 12.5
Packing Dimension m 5.6x1.7x2.2 6.3x1.8x2.2 6.6x1.9x2.3
Gross Weight ton 10 12 14
Packing Dimension (clamping) m      
Gross Weight (clamping) ton      
Packing Dimension (injection) m      
Gross Weight (injection) ton      

  MODELS TB-400 TB-450 TB-600
Force (Ton)
400 450 600
Injection Screw Diameter mm 70 75 80
Pressure (Double cylinder) kg/cm2 1485 1588 1680
Theoretical Shot Volume cm2 1307 1767 2210
Shot Weight g 1555 2100 2630
oz 55 74.2 93
Injection Rate (Double cylinder) cm3/sec 450 421 461
Plasticizing Capacity kg/hr 206 227 274
Screw Rotation  rpm 0~212 0~118 0~119
Clamping Clamping Stroke mm 750 880 950
Space Between Tie Bar (H x V) mm 700x700 780x780 880x880
Plate Dimension mm 1090x1090 1170x1170 1300x1300
Range of Mold Height mm 140~690 190~770 215~840
Ejection Stroke mm 200 240 280
Other Electrical Motor Power HP 60 60 75
Pump Pressure (Max.) kg/cm2 140 140 140
Packing Machine Dimension (L x W x H) m 7.0x1.8x2.1 7.8x1.9x2.1 8.8x2.1x2.2
Net Weight ton 16 23 30
Packing Dimension m 7.2x1.6x2.3 8.0x2.1x2.3 9.0x2.3x2.4
Gross Weight ton 18 25 33
Packing Dimension (clamping) m      
Gross Weight (clamping) ton      
Packing Dimension (injection) m      
Gross Weight (injection) ton      

  1. Shot weight for bakelite. (Cross section area of screw x Injection stroke) x (Specific gravity) x (Injection efficiency.)
  2. Specification subject to change without notice on this catalog.

Optional Equipment Attached Parts Standard Equipment
  1. Daphne themic oil temperature controller
  2. Digital or timing mold screw fit device
Tool box 1ea.
"L" shape wrench 1set.
14mm"L"shape wrench 1ea.
23 x 26double ended wrench 1ea.
Mold fixing irons 8sets or more
Funnel and observer 1set.
Hydraulic ejecting rod 5pcs.
Mold hoist device
(For models smaller the TB-250)
  1. Automatic mold-adjusting device
  2. 5point vibration hydraulic ejector
  3. Core puller
  4. Multistage injection device
  5. Double side safely doors
  6. Electric current leakage protector
  7. Air control switch
  8. Vibration absorbing base

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