Full Hydraulic Two-Platen Injection Molding Machine For Plastic(CHG Series)

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Products Name: Full Hydraulic Two-Platen Injection Molding Machine For Plastic(CHG Series)

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CHG series full hydraulic two-platen injection molding machine for plastic, relying on independent intellectual property rights, make full use of the internal group’s advanced technology—HOYEA(electro-hydraulic control),HOPEA(microcomputer frequency Conversion control) and precision injection molding machine developed independently by injection molding machine experienced engineers in CHAP Machinery. With the latest European Hydraulic Design Concept, CHAP Machinery electro-hydraulic control specialists make great efforts to build the plastic injection equipment with environment-friendly and energy-saving.
Super-Large space, we can make machine as the requirement of customers’ products, with parameters strong adaptability.
Short clamping stroke line, is only the distance between main moving platen and fixed platen, mould- clamping is high rigidity and precision.
Main moving platen adopts oil-less self-lubricating copper sets guide, ensure clean production environment. Support sliding feet can choose linear slide way guide, which greatly enhance the rigidity of clamping unit and service life of mould..
Using the latest German sealing technologies and products, ensure the sealing performance high.
Hydraulic system adopts proportional integrated instrument control system to ensure the mould transfer rapidly, stably.
Electrical system uses Siemens controller, with high speed, good stability, high performance and good scalability.

Item Unit Parameter
Screw no A B C
Screw Dia mm 26 30 34
Screw LD ratio 24.2 21 18.5
Theoretical capacity cm3 75 100 128
Injection weight g 68 91 117
Injection Pressure MPa 245 184 143
Injection rate g/s 63.8 85 109
Plasticizing capacity g/s 8.3 11 14.1
Max. screw speed rpm 260
Clamping force kN 500
Moving mould distance mm 420
Tie bar spacing mm 310×310
Max.Daylight mm 580
Min. mould thickness mm 160
Ejector stroke mm 70
Ejector force kN 25
Ejector bar amount 1
Max.pump pressure MPa 16
Pump motor power kW 11
Heating power kW 4.3
External dimention mm3 3700×1300×1800
Weight Kg 2600
Material cylinder capacity L 25
Oil tank capacity L 185

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