Two-Color Injection Molding Machine For Plastic(CDG Series)

Single/Dual color Injection Machine

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Products Name: Two-Color Injection Molding Machine For Plastic(CDG Series)

Features Specifications:

The clamping Unit adopts two sets of hydraulic independent ejector system to expand scope of application and flexibility.
There is a 180°to-and –fro rotary drive on the moving platen. It can place two moulds to produce products of two different colors.
Rotate the cooling water connecting device of platen mould. The needed cooling water can be conveniently connected through rotating axis to avoid winding and interference of cooling water pipe.
Both two ejection units adopt new-type single cylinder ejection construction. Ejection and charging operate independently, so several compound ejection can work together.
Fine hydraulic circuit design can reduce the pressure of oil pipes, so the hydraulic control is more accurate.
Two independent proportional pressure & flow control circuits are used to control and drive two sets of injection devices and two sets of hydraulic ejector systems.
The product is molded and formed in one time, therefore, the degree of contraction is reduced to the minimum and the appearance quality is much improved.

Technical parameter CDG168
Injection device Injection1 Injection2
Screw Diameter mm 28 32 36 28 32 36
Screw LD ratio L/D 24 21 18.7 24 21 18.7
Theoretical capacity cm3 96 125 159 96 125 159
Injection weight g 87 114 145 87 114 145
Injection Pressure MPa 235 180 142 235 180 142
Screw rotational speed Rpm 0~220 0~220
Clamping device  
Clamping force kN 1680
Moving mould distance mm 345
Tie bar spacing mm 700×420
Rotary diameter mm 760
Max.mould thickness mm 430
Min. mould thickness mm 150
Ejector stroke mm 100
Ejector force kN 33
Ejector bar amount PC 2
Mould fixing center to center mm 420
Max.pump pressure MPa 16
Pump motor power kW 18.5
Heating power kW 5.9
External dimention mm3 4970×1700×1873
Weight Kg 8000
Material cylinder capacity L 25
Oil tank capacity L 305

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