Transfer Type Molding Machine For Thermoset Plastic

Thermoset Injection Molding Machine

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Products Name: Transfer Type Molding Machine For Thermoset Plastic

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transfer type molding machine for thermoset plastics is an advanced pressure molding equipment, with compactreasonable structure, breaking through the traditional form and has gained national patent (Patent No. : ZL200430024368.9). With high efficiency, high reliability, low noise, high cost-effective and other features, it applies to motor, electrical units, pneumatic units, electromagnet and other plastic packaging.
The main moving platen raises rapidly, clamps slowly, declines rapidly, production efficiency is improved and the mould is protected
It uses the original imported high pressure pump and electro-hydraulic proportional composite valve, pressure and flow are adjustable, with low noise and long services life
Electrical system adopts the computer for CS vulcanizing press, with two working modes with manual and semi-automatic mode,
Platen spacing and injection device can be adjusted according to the mould thickness.
Compact structure, good appearance, convenient for maintenance
The hydraulic cylinder uses patent technology of oil cylinder composite sealing device (patent nu.ZL03220060.3) with independent intellectual property rights, with reliable sealing and long service life

Item Unit Parameter
Clamping force kN 1100
Clamping Stroke mm 300
Max. System pressure MPa 23
Mould-Opening&Closing Speed mm/s ≥50
Work Desk Valid Dimension mm 480×500
Heating Plate Spacing mm 330~760
Injection pressure kN 100
Injection stroke mm 450
Inter-Injection Equipment mm 190~460
Injection Speed mm/s 0~60
Injection Pole Dimension mm 60
Motor Power kW 4
Heating Power kW The same as pattern
External Dimension (LⅹWⅹH) mm 1500×950×(2215~3000)
Weight kg 2300
Oil Tank Capacity L 250

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