Injection Closed-Loop Type

Horizontal Injection Machine

Products Name: Injection Closed-Loop Type

Features Specifications:

Computer: Compatible with B or D type of computer.
Machine Type: Compatible with the followings:
1. Standard injection molding machine
2. Silicon injection molding machine
3. P.E.T injection molding machine
4. Bakelite and melamine injection molding machine
5. Multi color mixed injection molding machine
6. Acrylic injection molding machine
7. Hard PVC injection molding machine
8. Two set double cylinder system for Injection machine
9. Gas assist equipment

More compatible types available, please contact us for detail.

Injection closed-loop system must meet the ISO 11158 qualified hydraulic oil with suggested viscosity of 15 to 45 mm2/s, viscosity tolerance is no more than 400 mm2/s. Even though one uses AW46 hydraulic oil grade, an extra high pressure oil filter unit must be installed with the pilot valve since the system requires higher cleanliness hydraulic oil grade. Suggested oil filter grade is β15 7515µm properly oil filter (no side line design, and triggers the alarm if oil is dirty). High pressure filter unit is also required to be installed with the major valve. Due to high requirement of oil cleanliness grade, ISO 4406 < 19/16/13 is suggested, therefore, one must install a normal direction valve to clean all hydraulic system for a full day prior to the servo control valve installation.

Injection closed-loop hydraulic systems response speed and pressure are in direct ratio, and the pilot pressure system must operates independently and holds the pressure all the time. Common setting is above 70 kg/cm2 as the high pressure in the system. Middle pressure pump is 140 kg/cm2 and high pressure pump is 280 kg/cm2, so the system can respond quicker and stable each time. The servo valves external output drain line must connect directly to the oil tank, and the servo valve is better to be installed directly to the cylinder manifold for quicker response and reduce pressure loss.

This closed-loop control hydraulic system is enabled with fast responsiveness and pressure feedback function by using the exclusive computer controlling system. Therefore, closed-loop control hydraulic system is the best choice for products that require high stability control.

Injection Closed-Loop Type

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1.Lanch Machinery Factory/2.Injection Molding Machine/3.Injection Molding Machine/4.High pressure high speed close loop injection molding machine/5.Energy saving electricity injection molding machine/7.Ceramic powder injection molding machine/8.Servomotor injection molding machine/9.Inventer energy saving injection molding machine/10.Variable pump energy saving machine/11.Bakelite injection molding machine/12.Liquid silicon injection molding machine/13.P.E.T perform injection molding machine/14.Gas assist injection molding machine/15.Color mixer injection molding machine/16.Plastic industrial wholesales equipment/17.Crusher machine/18.Plastic Mixer machine/19.Water Chiller machine/20.Robotic Arm/21.Cosmetic and Arcylic injection molding machine/22.In-mold system




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