Semi Closed-Loop Type

Horizontal Injection Machine

Products Name: Semi Closed-Loop Type

Features Specifications:

Computer: Compatible with B or D type of computer.
Machine Type: Compatible with the followings:
1. Standard injection molding machine
2. Silicon injection molding machine
3. P.E.T injection molding machine
4. Bakelite and melamine injection molding machine
5. Multi color mixed injection molding machine
6. Acrylic injection molding machine
7. Hard PVC injection molding machine
8. Two set double cylinder system for Injection machine
9. Gas assist equipment

More compatible types available, please contact us for detail.

Normally, hydraulic system uses proportional pressure and speed valve controlling system, which the machine pressure and speed is controlled by the computer setting and does not have circuit feedback correction function.

The closed-loop machine uses "BOSCH" brand high speed PQ valve to control each pressure and speed action at closed-loop condition.
The PQ proportional valve follows the pressure and speed feedback to automatically correct the pressure and speed respectively all the time to ensure a strong stability pressure and speed output.
The flow control uses balance pressure circuit valve to minimize the pressure drop that caused by the difference of oil temperature.
The hysteresis decreases to 0.3% while non-high-speed valve is 3%, therefore, the PQ proportional valve has good linearization, good responsiveness, high reproductivity, and well maintained stability.

Semi Closed-Loop Type

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1.Lanch Machinery Factory/2.Injection Molding Machine/3.Injection Molding Machine/4.High pressure high speed close loop injection molding machine/5.Energy saving electricity injection molding machine/7.Ceramic powder injection molding machine/8.Servomotor injection molding machine/9.Inventer energy saving injection molding machine/10.Variable pump energy saving machine/11.Bakelite injection molding machine/12.Liquid silicon injection molding machine/13.P.E.T perform injection molding machine/14.Gas assist injection molding machine/15.Color mixer injection molding machine/16.Plastic industrial wholesales equipment/17.Crusher machine/18.Plastic Mixer machine/19.Water Chiller machine/20.Robotic Arm/21.Cosmetic and Arcylic injection molding machine/22.In-mold system




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