TPV,PVC Automobile Sealing Strip Extrusion Line

PVC Profile Extrusion Line

Products Name: TPV,PVC Automobile Sealing Strip Extrusion Line

Features Specifications:

Automotive Seal Strip is one of the most important parts of the car, which is widely used in the door, window, car body, skylight, motor racks and backup (baggage) box and other parts, with sound insulation, dustproof, seepage control water and shock absorption function.

KINGSWEL MACHINERY--Introduction of automotive seal strip extrusion line:
KINGSWEL MACHINERY---BaoDie company introduces the Japanese mechanical-advanced screw design technology, meanwhile adopt KINGSWEL MACHINERY designed high performance single screw extruder and multi extrusion, and equipped with precision mold and auxiliary lines, it can process different automotive seal strip materials such as PVC/SPVC, TPE (TPV, TPO,TPU) and different types (hard and soft, soft hard combination, lined with alloy frame, metal fixture, tongue shape of car seal buckle, etc.); This production line is equipped with gluing machine, flocking machine, drying road etc, and can meet the requirement of automotive interior flocking strip production. Replacing the corresponding screw barrel, this production line can also be used to process the seal strip used on common mechanical device, with a wide range of application.
Through the constant cooperation with high-end users, we were able to conduct a further surveying and assessment on Davis--Standard equipment of USA, combined with the original Taiwan extrusion technology process and our long-term research and development of polymer seal strip extrusion process. In this way, we have formed a set of complete, high-efficient, stable extrusion technology and equipments used in seal strip production, especially for the TPV seal products which will gradually replace rubber seal products, we have greatly exceeded the domestic ordinary equipments on the shape controlling effect and capacity speed of the finished products.
In recent years we have made efforts to intensify research and development of the domestic market, and we have won recognition and high praise from some well-known enterprises. Successful cases customers as follows:
JYCO Sealing Technologies lnc.
HAIDA Rubber and Plastic Group
WUXI INOUE Huaguang Automotive parts Co.,Ltd.(IHA),
Great Wall Motor subsidiary company(Baoding Nuobo Rubber Production Co.,Ltd.)
FUYAO Automobile Parts.
Supplementary equipments:

--Dust removal gluing machine
The machine is oriented by upper and down wheels, with imported steel structure frame glue supply equipment. It can ensure continuous automatic glue supply and smooth gelatinizing.
--Flocking machine
Automatic nap recycles flocking, with automatic supply, flocking humidity control; the nap recycling device running smooth, stable and reliable, no jam phenomenon.
--Online hydraulic cutting machine
The hydraulic cutting machine is suitable for online cutting of lined with alloy frame seal strips. Using Japan Mitsubishi programmable controller (PLC), it can realize smooth and reliable cutting.
--Double head coil material + metal strip forming machine

TPV,PVC Automobile Sealing Strip Extrusion Line

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