Large Diameter HDPE WIND Pipe Production Line

Hollow Wall Winding Pipe Extrusion Line

Products Name: Large Diameter HDPE WIND Pipe Production Line

Features Specifications:

Tubing&Usage: NOW in the country,drainage pipes almost adopt cement ones.Becauseits chemical characteristics is not steady,its joint is not tight,is easyto leak and pollutes the environment.It has become a main pollution for citizens of modern cities.The cast pipes has shortcoming of constructionfeeis high,not easy to be built and others.Now it has been forbidden.In recent years,plastics pipe has taken theplace of cement ones.The new large-diameter hollow twisted pipesare paid high attention...It is a renewal products.It is widely used indrainage,expressway,exhausting rain the stadium,field irrigatingand others.
Characteristics: The mainmachine adopts High-efficiency single-screw stem extruder with strengthening plasticizing and mixing function to ensurelow temperature and low pressure high speed extruding.It adopts compound machine head,double machine cooperatingfeeding;screw rotation shaping compound technology to ensure highquality of the products.It adopts auto temperature adjustment or PLC control.The operation is convenient,steady and reliable.

Item Produced pipe specification(mm) Extruder Total power of production(kw) Production capacily m Unit Dimensions The total length of the production line
Model Model Dia of screw L/D Total Power(kw) Heating Power(kw)
ZKRG600 φ200-600 SJ90 SJ65 30:1 30:1 75 45 43 25 230 75000 12*22*2.6
ZKRGI200 φ700-1200 SJ120 SJ90 30:1 30:1 110 75 60 43 370 14400 12*25*2.7
ZKRG2200 φ1300-2200 SJ150 SJ120 30:1 30:1 160 110 95 60 490 8000 15*28*2.8

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Screw extruder, pipe production line, UPVC plastic profile production line, (film) extrusion lines, recycling granulator production lines, auxiliary equipment, expansion of the machine, mixer, dryer, crusher, milling machine, feeding machine, Shaker, crawler tractor, blending machine




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