PVB Interlayer Film For Glass Lamination Extrusion Machine

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Products Name: PVB Interlayer Film For Glass Lamination Extrusion Machine

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ANFU Single layer,double layer PVB glass interlayer film for glass lamination extrusion machine,adopt an advanced international technologies and the special screw design those guarantee a stable and high quality of extrusion according to different formulas.The advanced automatic dose feeding controls guarantee the extrusion in super plasticizing quality.With the assistance of every devices of the machine and the feasible design of the T-die it can get a better plasticizing quality of extrusion.The extruder adopts an automatic integrated cooling control mode,which can control melt temperature effectively. PVB interlayer film is made from PVB macromolecule material which is extruded with plasticizer DHA. The thicknesses of the PVB film usually are 0.38mm、0.76mm and 1.5mm.It has a good viscosity for inorganic glass,besides the features of transparency,heat-resistance,cold-resistance,anti-damp and high impact strength etc. PVB film is the main material to make the windshield of the car,vecause it has good features of safety,heat preservation,soundproof,UV-resistant.It is widely used in the field of architecture. Our factory has sold a lot this kind of extrusion machines to our customers.Not only the good quality,but also after sale service win the trust from many customers.the technology of whole complete product line has become successful and skilled after long period experience of designing and manufacturing.

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