Hollow Profile Sheet Extrusion Machine

Hollow Profile Sheet Extrusion Line

Products Name: Hollow Profile Sheet Extrusion Machine

Features Specifications:

Anfu Adopted suitable screw design and machine configuration, it is widely used in manufacturing PP or PC hollow profile boards of various specifications(Max. width: 2300mm; thickness range: 2mm-12mm). It is widely used in the fields of advertisement, decoration, sound-proof, packing. Because it is featured by light-weight, strong, dampproof, anticorrosive advantages, it trends to replace the paper carton gradually and become the first choic to make packing cases.
◎ Extruder: The special designed screw and the advanced temperature control system ensure the good plasticizing, stable extrusion and high output.
◎ Screen changer: it is of hydraulic style fast screen changer and ensures the short course of the exchanging filters. Double filters and special leakage-proof structure guarantee its stable performance.
◎ Die: Made of super quality alloy and adopted adjustable restrictor bars, provide the even pressure of the plastic flow at the die lips. It ensures even thickness of the board with adjustable lips
◎ Vacuum calibrator: The vacuum system and calibrating system including a heat-convection system array interleaved. This kind of design guarantees the high precise degree of the calibration. The vacuum system consists of two independent subsystems, which is equipped with many pieces three point type closed loop vacuum line. Each closed loop is equipped with vacuum regulating system and vacuum display system. This guarantees the good calibration and the smooth surface of the board.
◎ Take-off unit: There are two haul-off units. First one consists of multi-rolls and is driven by a strong motor with a speed reducer with a big gear ratio. It has strong take-off strength and performs well at slow speed so that it can draw the board up from the calibrator evenly and synchronally. Second one is put after the infrared stabilizing oven. The slit unit fixed on the take-off unit ensures the smooth cut of the edges.
◎ Infrared stabilizing oven: Its advanced huge area conductive heating style can relieve the stress of the products so as to ensure the board is flat.
◎ cutting machine: Setting accurate instant fixing-length cutting and automatic ascend and drop unloading system; the special alloy steel sharp blade ensures a good cut effect.
◎ The electrical control system of the line: Provide two kinds of control system: first: automatic control by the conventional control panel for the line; Second: a microprocessor unit (PLC) which can act as a central control of the related parameters of the machines: (screw revolutions, temperatures, pressure, alarms, out-put etc ) and be optimized with the operation characteristics of the complete line.

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