PS, PVC, PE Foamed Profile Extrusion Line

PVC Profile Extrusion Line

Products Name: PS, PVC, PE Foamed Profile Extrusion Line

Features Specifications:

"KINGSWEL MACHINERY" has 15 years experience in manufacturing machine for producing foamed profile products. There are 4 models in SJF series foamed profile product extrusion line, the production line consists of profiling extruder, con-extruder, automatic width-control system, vacuum, cooling tank, hot foil printing machine(embossing machine), haul off, auto cutter(dust collector), deposit system, meanwhile additional knurling machine, foil printing wheels, foil cutting machine are available.

- Nice looking appearance ,optimized design ,high reliability;
- Wide application scope ,high output speed, low cost per unit;
- Optimized configuration ,highly automatic control system ,convenient operation;

PS/PE foamed profile (picture frame, decorative material) production line.
PVC foamed profile (Skirting, ceiling) production line

Technical parameter of PS/PE foamed profile extrusion line:

Model SJF65 SJF90 SJF100 SJF120
Screw diameter (mm) 65/30 90/45 100/45 120/45
Max product width (mm) 60 110 140 180
Producing speed (m/min) 0.6~6 0.5~5 0.5~5 0.4~4
Hot foil machine quantity (set) 8 10 12 12

Technical parameter of PVC foamed profile extrusion line:
Model PVCF-YF120 PVCF-YF240
Extruder model SJ65 SJ90
Max product width(mm) 120 240
Producing speed(m/min) 2~6 1~4
Installation power(kW) 85 105
Air consumption(m³/h) 0.4~0.7 0.4~0.7

PS, PVC, PE Foamed Profile Extrusion Line

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Shanghai Baodie Complete Sets of Plastic Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Plastic extruder, plastic tube extrusion line, pipe extrusion line, profile extrusion line, single screw extruder, conical twin-screw extruder, parallel co-rotating twin screw module extruder, Pelletizing extrusion line, PE/PP/PA Film recycle pelletizing line




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