TPE,PVC Wire Protection Casing Extrusion Line

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Products Name: TPE,PVC Wire Protection Casing Extrusion Line

Features Specifications:

Wire protection casing, includes glass fiber wire casing, PVC protect casing, heat shrinkable casing, etc.
The main materials of TPE(thermoplastic elastomer) are polyolefin and polyurethanes elastomer (TPO,TPV,TPU etc.) this kinds of pipe features excellent performance of cold endurance, thermostability, mechanical strength, flexibility etc, widely used for cable, wire, inner lining, and compressed air pipe etc.
Wire protection casing extrusion lien designed by KINGSWEL MACHINERY BAODIE Company have excellent production efficiency and high accuracy tube controlling ability, can satisfy high-end customers demand, our end users - Panasonic electronics, JIAGENG electronics, etc

Equipment features:

- The screw of the TPE extruder adopts Taiwan technology processing ,thus ,provides perfect plasticization and wide ranges of adaptability(TPE material);
- High pressure positive displacement mould makes the headpiece capable of higher melt pressure, improve the pipe quality and stabilize the extruding process;
- With the new "accurate control of weak vacuum" technology: vacuum and water system controlled separately. In this way, we can coordinate the multilevel water balance control system with vacuum system, ensures stable vacuum degree, cooling water level and water flowing;
- BETA LaserMike measuring system, forming closed-loop feedback control, eliminating diameter deviation on-line;
- Puller equipped with multilayer wear-resisting synchronous belt, without sliding phenomenon. High level precision roller drive traction, YASKAWA Servo driving system or ABB AC driving system, realize extremely stable pulling;
- Special designed Winding machine with tension induction regulator, apply to soft pipes, keep winding under natural relaxation state, when tension condition change, the fluctuation within manageable scope, avoid tube over drew by too fast winding speed and too slow speed of winding.

Main technical parameter:

Model Process pipe diameter range (mm) Screw diameter (mm) L/D Main power (kW) Output (KG/h)
SXG-30 1.0~6.0 30 28 3.7 5-10
SXG-45 2.5~8.0 45 28 11 18-26
SXG-50 3.5~12.0 50 28-30 15/18.5 28-40
SXG-65 5.0~16.0 65 28-30 30/37 55-70
SXG-75 6.0~20.0 75 28-30 37/45 60-80

TPE series tube specification and production status:

Out diameter(mm) Producing speed(m/min) Control precision of diameter(≤mm)
≤6.0 30-42 ±0.05
≤10.0 20-28 ±0.08
≤16.0 12-18 ±0.10

TPE,PVC Wire Protection Casing Extrusion Line

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