Roofing Sheet Extrusion Machine

PVC Roofing Sheet Extrusion Machine

Products Name: Roofing Sheet Extrusion Machine

Features Specifications:

●Extruder: single screw design, according to different requirement from customer, we can manufacture extruder for PP,PE or PC wave roof sheet.
●Screw&barrel: guarantee excellent plasticizing effect and stable,high speed extrusion. Low-noise wind cooling system, closed barrel design has good heat conduction and heat emitting.
●Gear box: adopts soundproof design for gear box, the gear has been experienced hardening treatment, with forced lubrication system,which assure running under low-noise.
●Filter screen changer: double filter screen changer assure easy operation.
●The three-roller calendar: individual transmission control for each roller, the clearance is adjustable.
●Heating unit: it apply preforming treatment to meet forming requirement before coming to second processing.
●Forming unit: its suitable design ensures quick forming, exact size of sheet..
●Haul-off unit: it is of simple two-roller take-up design, clearance can be freely adjusted, it adopts frequncy conversion speed control,, which ensures various extrusion speed and stable running.
●Cutting unit: feasible cutting style, the super alloy steel blade ensures quick and smooth cutting.
●Control system: variety of control system available for different customer’s requirement. ( such as PLC control).

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