PA(Nylon) Precision Pipe Extrusion Line

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Products Name: PA(Nylon) Precision Pipe Extrusion Line

Features Specifications:

Due to its excellent resistance against bending, fatigue, stretch, chemical corrosion and gasoline, diesel oil, lubricating oil as well as smooth inner wall, PA (nylon) pipe has been widely applied in automobile fuel oil system, braking system, special medium conveying and other areas, with high additional product value and ideal market prospect. Existing materials for automobile pipeline are PA11,PA12,PA6,PA66 etc.
Based on plenty of practicing experiences and Japanese technology, we have developed the third generation PA precision tube extrusion line, which has been widely approved by our customers from home and abroad.

Equipment features:
- PA (nylon) screw is DSBM-T MADDOCK Barrier type mixing conveying screw which can perfectly adapt to the PA material which is with high thermal sensitivity, flowability and melting viscosity, thus ensure even plasticization and high output efficiency;
- Core rods and die are made of Sweden "ASSAB" S136 die steel, precision grinding, which ensures the inner flow surface glossiness and anti-corrosion. Structure of mold adopts "high pressure volumetric type", which is initiated by our company, can provide stable and high-speed extrusion for the tube material with tiny fluctuation;
- High precision processed melt pump with moving device, flexible moving. Front and back installed with melt pressure sensor _ Italy "GEFRAN" Brand, front melt pressure closed-loop feedback control system _ Italy "GEFRAN" instrument. Offer high stable output and automatic extrusion fluctuation adjusting;
- With the new "accurate control of weak vacuum" technology: vacuum and water system controlled separately. In this way, we can coordinate the multilevel water balance control system with vacuum system, ensures stable vacuum degree, cooling water level and water flowing.
- BETA LaserMike measuring system, forming closed-loop feedback control, eliminating diameter deviation on-line;
- Puller equipped with multilayer wear-resisting synchronous belt, without sliding phenomenon. High level precision roller drive traction, YASKAWA Servo driving system or ABB AC driving system, realize extremely stable pulling.
- Base on Servo driving system, Japan Mitsubishi PLC programmable control and SIEMENS human-computer interface, cutter can realize precision continuous cutting, timing cutting, length counting cutting etc. Cutting length can be set freely, and cutting times can be set automatically, which can meet with different cutting requirements of different lengths.

Main technical parameter:

Model Process pipe diameter range (mm) Screw diameter (mm) L/D Main power (kW) Output (KG/h)
SXG-45 2.5~8.0 40 28-30 15 18-30
SXG-50 3.5~12.0 50 28-30 18.5/22 28-45
SXG-65 5.0~16.0 65 28-30 30/37 55-75
SXG-75 6.0~20.0 75 28-30 37/45 80-100

pecification of PA small tube and production status reference:
Out diameter(mm) Producing speed(m/min) Control precision of diameter(≤mm)
≤4.0 30-60 ±0.05
≤6.0 23-45 ±0.05
≤8.0 18-35 ±0.08
≤10.0 16-25 ±0.08
≤12.0 14-20 ±0.10
≤14.0 12-18 ±0.10
≤16.0 10-15 ±0.12

Cutting accuracy reference:
Cutting length ≤50mm ≤400mm ≤1000mm ≤2000mm
Cutting accuracy ±0.5mm ±1.5mm ±3.0mm ±5.0mm

PA(Nylon) Precision Pipe Extrusion Line

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