PC,PMMA,PS Lampshade Extrusion line

PVC Profile Extrusion Line

Products Name: PC,PMMA,PS Lampshade Extrusion line

Features Specifications:

This extrusion line is used for producing PS/PMMA transparent, semi-transparent lampshade, PC-LED energy saving lampshade and fluorescent tube profile etc. The products are widely used in the fields of illumination and decoration. The main raw material is PS and engineering plastic (PC/PMMA) etc.

The production line includes high efficiency single screw extruder, calibration table, haul off, precise cutter, the screw and barrel adopts Japan technology is designed for PC/PMMA material process. The profile calibrator made from imported steel and by precise processing ensures the precise and stable size of the profile, the ball screw cutting type ensures the cutting precision +/-1.0mm.

Main technical parameter:

Model LS-YF50 LS-YF80 LS-YF120 LS-YF240
Max. profile width (mm) 50 80 120 240
Extruder model SJ50 SJ65 SJ75 SJ90
Hauling speed (m/min) 0~5 0~5 0~5 0~4
Air pressure(Mpa) 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6

PC,PMMA,PS Lampshade Extrusion line

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Shanghai Baodie Complete Sets of Plastic Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Plastic extruder, plastic tube extrusion line, pipe extrusion line, profile extrusion line, single screw extruder, conical twin-screw extruder, parallel co-rotating twin screw module extruder, Pelletizing extrusion line, PE/PP/PA Film recycle pelletizing line




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