Water-Strip Pelletzing System

Pellet Making Machine

Products Name: Water-Strip Pelletzing System

Features Specifications:

Cool cutting and granulation pattern ensures uniform and aesthetic granulation. And it is easy and convenient to operation and can save time and energy.
Applicable materials:
1. Reinforced modification: PP, PET, ABS, AS, PC, POM, PPS, PET etc. reinforced with glass fiber or carbon fiber.
2. Blend alloy: PC+ABS, PA+ABS, CPE+ABS, PP+EPDM, PA+EPDM, PP+SBS etc.
3. Incorporation of fillers: CaCO3, Talc, TiO2, carbon black filled PE, PP or EVA etc.
4. Cable compounds: cabel sheath, cable insulation compounds of LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, MDPE; radiation-crosslinkable compounds, optical fiber protection compounds, heat-shrinkable polymer compounds.
5. Special compounds: PPR pipe compounds, PE compounds for crosslinked pipes, tobacco filter compounds etc.
6. High concentration color batches: PE, ABS, PS, EVA, PET, PP etc. with high concentration of pigments and other processing aids
7. Masterbatches with Flame-Retardants: PP, PA, ABS, EVA, PBT, etc. with flame retardants and other additives.
8. Special functional masterbatches: masterbatches with anti-static, anti-bacteria, or other special fuctional fillers.
9. Masterbatches for degradable polymers: PP, PE, PS, etc., blended with high concentration of starch and other processing aids.

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