Conical Twin-Screw Profile Extrusion Machine

Twin Screw Extruder

Products Name: Conical Twin-Screw Profile Extrusion Machine

Features Specifications:

● Equipped with relative extruding die, assistant equipments, it can be used for manufacturing PVC pipe, PVC abnormal profile.
● Rigid PVC pipe product line model No.: AFP63, AFP110, AFP110, AFP250, AFP400, AFP630, AFP800.
● Rigid PVC abnormal profile product line model No.: AFF150, AFF300, AFF400, AFF1000, AFF1200
● Features of conical twin-screw extruder:
● Unique screw design, short plasticizing time, good compounding and plasticizing effect.
● Adopts super quality of gear box, with nice outline, stable running, and low noise.
● Adopts ceramic heater for barrel heating, wind cooling system, has good features of cooling and heating, precise Temp. controlling.
● It adopts internal Temp. control for screw.
● Equipped with vacuum degassing system can get rid of waste gas from melt material, which guarantee super quality product.
● Apply silicon D.C speed regulator or inverter for speeding regulation, which provide stable torque output, various speed.
● Applicable for thermal sensitivity PVC powder.
● Vacuum calibration device: vacuum spraying water chamber for pipe, spraying water tank for pipe, calibration table for abnormal profile, main body is made of stainless steel.
● Haul off unit: 2 claw, 4 claw,6 claw, 8claw haul off unit for pipe, to adapt manufacturing requirements for different pipes.
● Cutting unit: chip-free rotary knife cutting, saw cutting, and planet saw cutting.( with chamfered blade)
● Diameter enlarger for rigid PVC pipe
● Stacking unit: automatic overturning stacking.
● Many options for electric control system( such as :PLC automatic controlsystem), It has good features of high speed, stable running, and easy operation.

Main Technical Parameter
Model Screw dia.(Mm) Screw speed Max.(rpm) Power of main motor Output(kg/h)
SJZ35/75 ¢35/75 47.4 11 35-60
SJZ45/97 ¢45/97 41 18.5 70-125
SJZ50/105 ¢51/75 38.7 22 90-140
SJZ55/110 ¢55/110 37.5 30 120-180
SJZ65/132 ¢65/132 39.1 37 180-320
SJZ80/156 ¢80/156 37.7 55 250-450
SJZ92/188 ¢92/188 40 110 600-800

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