Wood-Plastic Compound Profile Extrusion Line

Wood Plastic Compound Profiles Extrusion Line

Products Name: Wood-Plastic Compound Profile Extrusion Line

Features Specifications:

This line can produce WPC (PVC, PE, wood powder) profile, plate, and window and sill profile. We have running machine in workshop.
This new technology uses either plastic compound or recycled plastic and wood floor to produce a composite result.
The extruded product with this tooling has the advantages of plastic profile and the qualities of wood, such as good hardness, good rigidity, long service life, and good machine ability. The end product is resistant to the weather and is environmentally safe. Applications for this product include door thresholds and high impact areas.

Main machine Unit SJSZ60*22 Single screw extruder/Twin conical screws extruder SDZ-3200 3200
Vacuum forming flat table 3*7.5 SXQ-240 300
Effective length of flat table mm 0.3-3 2*1.5 1.1
Vacuum pump power kw Pneumatic/voluntarily 8000 16*2.2*2.9
Drawing machine type SJ-90*25 Single Screw extruder/Twin conical screws extruder SDT-90 2800
Draw length mm 2*5.5 SLQ-200 300
Draw velocity m/min 0.3-3 2.2 1.2
Draw power kw Pneumatic/voluntarily 7000 1*2.2*1.9
Cut power kw SJ-65*30 Single screw extruder/Twin conical screws extruder SDT-65 1500
Cut mode 5.5 SLQ-200 300
Unit weight kg 0.3-3 1.5 1.1
Outside dimension m*m*m Pneumatic/voluntarily 6000 14*1.9*1.9

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Main Product:

Single/Double Screw Extruder,Plastic Wood Composite Profile Extruding Machine




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