PE,PP Nanometer Copolymerization Wood Plastic Composite Extrusion Line

Wood Plastic Compound Profiles Extrusion Line

Products Name: PE,PP Nanometer Copolymerization Wood Plastic Composite Extrusion Line

Features Specifications:

This item adopt plastic or recycling plastic (PE/PP) and fibre filling (wood flour and other fibre: rice chaff, straw staff, nut parting etc.) as main material (more than 95%), the product of which is ---"wood plastic composite", hereinafter called "WPC".
WPC substitute natural wood, that protects forest resources.
WPC uses plant fibre, that reduces environmental pollution.
WPC eliminate white pollution, that improves the nature environment.

Item Unit Testing Standard Min Max
Elongation at break % GB/T1040 30 3.8
Proportion g/m3 GB/1033 1.1 1.18
Linear expansivity Mm/mm/C GB/1036 3.5*10-5
Hygroscopicity % 0.1
Surface resistivity GB1410-89 8*1013
UV aging rate 50 65
Elastic section modulus micron/yera GB9341-88 2.5 3.1
Bending strength Gpa GB9341-88 40 48.8
Modulus of compression Mpa GB/T1041 10 1.2
Compressive strength Mpa GB/T1041 25.0 30.0
Nonrate gap IZOC impact strength J/m GB/T1843 155.0 169
Screw pullout force(4.4mm diameter 25.4mm depth) kg 300-320(5mm screw)

Process Flows
Plant fibre(processed)+plastic+accessory ingredient +high speed mixer+pelletizing
line+extrusion line+cooling unit+hualing machine+cutter+finished product
1. High-speed Mixing Machine
2.Pellelzing Extruder
3.pellelizing Die
4.Grain-sized Dicing
5.Air Supplys
6.Moulding Extruder
7.Moulding Die
8.Cooling and Calibaration Unit
9.hauling-ff Unit
10.Cutting Machine
11.Overturning Platfom
This extrusion line can be used to produce PE&PP WPC profiles,which are extensively used for pallets,packing cases,flooring,outdoor decoration ,etc
Main Technical Parameter
Extruder Conical Twin Screw Extruder
Model SJZ65/132 SJZ80/156 SJZ92/188
Motor Power 37KW 55KW 110KW
Output 120Kg/h 210kg/h 330kg/h
Height 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm
Note:The specifications are sublect to changes without prior notice

PE,PP Nanometer Copolymerization Wood Plastic Composite Extrusion Line

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