PP Pipe Extrusion Line

PP Pipe Extruder

Products Name: PP Pipe Extrusion Line

Features Specifications:

Adopting extrusion technology, and the final products of this line, which can endure pressure 0.4-2.5Mpa, are mainly used for the indoor water supply. Using heat-melting weld means for fittings, antisepsis and anticorrosive, so this kind of pipe is the new environment- protection water supplying products.
PP-R special high-efficiency single screw extruder ensuring even and stable plasticization
Bush structure for barrel feeding part
Specially-designed spiral moulds for PPR
High torsion gearbox, strong hardness and high smoothness gears.
PLC controlling system for selection to improve the automatic control standard.
High-precision temperature controller and particularly –designed air fans.

Model/Items RMSG-65 RMSG-90
Pipe Size(MM) φ16-63 φ75-160
Screw Diameter(mm) φ65 φ90
L/D 30:1 30:1
Screw Rotation Speed(rpm) 0-90 0-75
Capacity(kg/h) 120-160 180-220
Hauling Speed(m/min) 0-13 0-10
Cutting Means Saw Blade or Non-scrap cutting
Pipe Length Control Electron counting or electrical switch control

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Qingdao Royal Tech Machinery Co., Ltd.

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