PVC Fiber Reinforced Soft Pipe Extrusion Line

Reinforced Hose Making Machine

Products Name: PVC Fiber Reinforced Soft Pipe Extrusion Line

Features Specifications:

This line is the newly-developed product of our company, which is mainly used to produce liquid-conveying PVC fiber reinforced soft pipes. This kind of pipe is characterized by innocuity, transparency, pressure resistance, pulling resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good-looking appearance, tenderness and handiness, durability, etc. So the final products of this line are widely used in conveying pipes for air, water, coal gas, oil and other liquid and gas. This line consists of extruders, spraying water tanks, hauling-off units, fiber-winding units, Coiler, etc. And it features with reasonable configuration, special structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance, high continual production capacity, etc, so it gets warm welcome and trust from clients.

Model Screw Diameter(mm) L/D Total Power (kw) Pipe Size(mm)
RMSG-45 45 28:1 26 Ф8-16
RMSG-65 65 28:1 36 Ф16-50

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Qingdao Royal Tech Machinery Co., Ltd.

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