Large Diameter (HDPE/MDPE) Gas/ Water Supply Pipe Product Line

Large Diameter Gas Supply Pipe Extrusion Line

Products Name: Large Diameter (HDPE/MDPE) Gas/ Water Supply Pipe Product Line

Features Specifications:

This production line is mainly for producing large diameter HDPE/MDPE pipe. The pipe has some excellent features such as heating resistant, aging resistant, high mechanical strength, environmental stress cracks resistant, good creep resistant and etc. It is a preferred gas conduits for ductwork systems between city and its suburb, water supply in city.
Production line features:
High efficiency extruder is designed for PE pipe, equipped with reducer which is high speed and low noise, adding material sect with cooling unit and sense reversing spiral grooved, different isomeric and undulant screw which allows great output, lower melting temp, and lower energy consumption. Composite spiral extrusion die-head assures that melting pressure and flux are uniformity and the surface of pipe is lubricity.
Adopting vacuum calibrating and spray cooling baths, accurate calibration, fast cooling. The bath is made of stainless steel. Adopting two/multi caterpillars haul-off unit with speed adjusted by inverters. Adopting planetary saw. It can cut very large diameter and thick wall pipe. Adopting composite extrusion die-head, adding pipe-marking line.

Model LHPEG-75 LHPEG-160 LHPEG-250 LHPEG-400
Main Extruder Type LHSJ-50*33 LHSJ-65*33 LHSJ-65*33 LHSJ-80*33
Assistant Extruder Type LHSJ-30*25 LHSJ-30*25 LHSJ-30*25 LHSJ-30*25
Pipe Specification(mm) Φ16-Φ75 Φ63-Φ160 Φ90-Φ250 Φ200-Φ400
Output(kg/h) 150 250 300 500
Line Speed (m/min) 1-16 0.5-12 0.2-4 0.2-2
Installed Power(kw) 60 150 200 260
Model LHPEG-500 LHPEG-630 LHPEG-800
Main Extruder Type LHSJ-90*33 LHSJ-100*33 LHSJ-120*33
Assistant Extruder Type LHSJ-30*25 LHSJ-45*25 LHSJ-45*25
Pipe Specification(mm) Φ280-Φ500 Φ350-Φ630 Φ500-Φ800
Output(kg/h) 750 900 1200
Line Speed (m/min) 0.1-1.5 0.06-1.5 0.05-1
Installed Power(kw) 360 430 600

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