PVC Steel Wire Reinforced Soft Pipe Extrusion Line

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Products Name: PVC Steel Wire Reinforced Soft Pipe Extrusion Line

Features Specifications:

PVC Steel Wire Reinforced Soft Pipe Extrusion Line This extrusion line is our successfully-developed product by introducing overseas advanced technology combined with our country situation.
This line is used to produce PVC steel wire reinforced soft pipes, and the pipe wall is PVC soft material, inside is spiral steel wire. This kind of pipe is characterized by pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, anlistatig, high-voltage endurance, excellent circulation ability, etc. So the final products of this line are applied to conveying air or gas, which is high- pressure and flammable, also used in the heavily-sucked, lightly-excluded of liquid impurity, and widely used in such areas as mechanism, chemical laboratory, architecture, agricultural irrigation, vacuum equipment and dust collector soft pipes, etc.
Moulding machine adopts two motors to drive separately the moulding and conveying of steel -winding .
Before wire moulding, adopting special wire-conveying unit with embossing process system to make sure the stability of the moulding part.
Special screw design ensures the plasticization effect of PVC granules; precise heating and air cooling system ensures the PVC production technology; also equipped with stainless steel water troughs, flat-belt hauling-off unit, double station coiler.

Model Screw Diameter(mm) L/D Total power(KW) Pipe size
RMSG-45/30 45 30:1 15 Φ12-25
RMSG-65/30 65 30:1 32 Φ25-50
RMSG-90/30 90 30:1 49 Φ50-75
RMSG-100/30 100 30:1 69 Φ75-102
RMSG-120/30 120 30:1 84 Φ102-156

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