HDPE Large Diameter Heat Reservation Pipe Extrusion Line

Large Diameter Water Supply Pipe Extrusion Line

Products Name: HDPE Large Diameter Heat Reservation Pipe Extrusion Line

Features Specifications:

This line is mainly used to produce large diameter PE heat reservation pipe. The products are mostly used as the outside layer of the warm supply pipe, whose middle layer is PU foam and inside layer is steel pipe. It also can be used to produce water supply pipes, drainpipes etc. This line mainly consists of RM series extruder, die, water cooling tank, hauling-off unit, cutting machine, pipe clipping unit, frame and electrical controlling parts etc.

Extruder Model RMSG-120/28 RMSG-150/28
Pipe diameter 90-400mm 400-1400mm
hauling-off unit Pneumatic clampling,4-claw hauling-off Pneumatic clampling,6-claw or 8-claw hauling-off
Diameter calibrating ways Inside pressing Vacuum
Water cooling length 4m 4m
Cutting ways Planetary cutting Planetary cutting

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Qingdao Royal Tech Machinery Co., Ltd.

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