PE Large Diameter Double Wall Winding Reinforced Pipe Extrusion Line

Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line

Products Name: PE Large Diameter Double Wall Winding Reinforced Pipe Extrusion Line

Features Specifications:

This line is mainly used to produce HDPE winding double wall pipes. Adopting international advanced technology, which blends the national blank. Pipes produced are featured by light meter weight, high hardness, low cost, high efficiency as well as convenience small expense in construction, energy saving and no-leakage, etc.
This line is unique in technics and design, stable in performance and it can be used to produce double repeated wall spiral pipes by changing the moulds, so one machine with two usages comes true.
1. leading technology, unique technical design
2. adopting high-efficiency single screw extruder, optimized screw originated from Germany, which ensure the high-speed and excellent-quality extrusion
3. Using compound machines, double machines realize united loading .Molding by spiral rotation and high-efficiency technology which ensure the high quality of the pipes.
4. Introducing leading PLC controlling system, convenient operation and reliable stability.
5. Special pipe pieces connection.

Model SJKG-800 SJKG-1200 SJKG-1600 SJKG-2200
Extruder Model SJ90*33SJ45*33 SJ90*33SJ45*33 SJ90*33SJ65*33 SJ65*33SJ30*33
Output(kg/h) 200 50 400 120 600 200 750 200
Pipe range(mm) Φ200-Φ800 Φ400-Φ1200 Φ800-Φ1600 Φ1200-Φ2200
Production speed(rpm) 2-16 1-12 1-6 0.5-5
Set weight(T) 150 250 320 480

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