Large-Scale Plastic Extrusion Blowing Hollow Shape Machine

Hollow Wall Winding Pipe Extrusion Line

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Products Name: Large-Scale Plastic Extrusion Blowing Hollow Shape Machine

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This machine is mainly made up of extruder, controlled machine head, shaping machine , blowing bloated device , manipulator , cooling device , security protective device and electric, hydraulic pressure, pneumatic system . It suit to make the empty products of various kinds of high polymer amount polyethylene as raw materials. The volume of the largest products is 230 liters.
The screw diameter:F120,
long rate:L/D=30/1
Material: Select high-quality nitrogen steel 38CrMoALA , the surface nitrogen treatment, nitrogen layers thickness =0.4MM, hardness is HV900.
Material tube: Select high-quality nitrogen steel 38CrMoALA , the interior
surface passes nitrogen treatment, hardness HV=900.
Pushing machine can process the high density polyethylene(HMWHDPE). Driving way: Select Z4 electrical machinery , the stepless speed regulation of silicon controlled.
Driving power: 132KW.
Screw rotational speed:0-45V/min
plastification ability : 300Kg /h(EHMWDPE material grain) Temperature control : Adopt Japan OMRON automatic temperature controller . Heating way: Adopt cast aluminium and heat ring to add heatproof material and stainless steel cover.
Heat count : 6 sections Cooling way: The material tube adopts air-cooled Hopper: The circulating water cool
Storing material machine whole structure form : Adopt heart form structure, first-in and first-out, change color and change material, it is convenient and fast.
Store material jar volume: 20L
The most penetrate weight:15 kilograms (calculate according to high density polyethylene raw materials,melting density is 0.75g/cm3) Heating ways: Adopt the stainless steel heated ring.
Heated count : 6 sections.
Machine head material: Adopt nitrogen steel 38CrMoALA
Temperature control: automatic temperature controller, adopt Japan OMRON temperature controller.
Mouth mould size: 150-350MM, mixes a set of size F220 moulds Inject speed: 0. 4-1.2Kg/second.
The adjusting amount of mould radial: 3MM
The thick wall control: Adopting 64 point thick walls to control, accusing machine control system, there is thick real curve feedback function,it is easy to adjust.
The mould form : Adopt three boards four pulling structure .
The template size: 1200?910MM
The template interval: 1000-1900MM
Lock strength of the mould : 750KN
The mould speed of fast: 12M/MIN
The speed of the mould slowly: 1-3M/MIN blows bloated device has three kinds blowing bloated device , it may choose according to blowing molding skill.
Expand distance : 2*250MM
Flexible distance : 240MM
The manipulator diameter: F390MM
The retreat distance: 1500MM hydraulic pressure system Adopt the rate of hydraulic pressure controlling system, key component adopts the importing components , such as: Proportion valve, reversing valve,etc.,it has the characters of steady , reliable , movement accurate, using life long, responding well ,etc.
Hydraulic pressure main system working pressure : 16MPa
Hydraulic pressure accessory system working pressure: 6MPa Hydraulic pressure servo system working pressure: 16MPa Control system
1. Real-time control of the lathe movements .
2.64 point axial wall thick control
3.16 point warm control
4.Control by moulded , injected speed curves.
5.Direct currents machine adjust the speed.
6.Use the overtime, uncomplete autoalarm
7.The multi-functional system in common use ,it can store in eight sets of parameters.
8.Show the present worker s step state in real time.
9.Show trouble and warning information in real time.
10.Before circulation moving,the system may reset automatically.
11.Manual to set many terms to guarantee security.
12.It may carry the temperature set.
13.The parameter can revise on the screen directly.
14.Under the computer isn t working condition, temperature may control automatically.

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