PE-X Cross-Linked Polyethylene Pipe Production Line

PE Pipe Extruder

Products Name: PE-X Cross-Linked Polyethylene Pipe Production Line

Features Specifications:

PE-X pipes are free pollution green ones without any toxin, release no poisonous material either. Their application fields include inside water feeding pipes, hot water pipes, pure water transmission pipes, solar energy water heating system, sub-ground hot collecting pipes and so on. Our plunger cross-linked PE-X pipe production lines have reached the international advanced level of same kinds substituting for importation.
The main materials for producing PE-X pipes are HDPE and some assistant agents as cross-linking agent, catalyst, etc. Other modifying agents may be added if requested especially.
Production workmanship of sub-oxidization cross-linked PE pipes
Raw material → mixing → feeding → plunger stamping and extrusion → cooling → pipe coiling (drawing) → measuring and cutting → inspection → packing and inventory.
Capability comparison for pipes of various kinds

Item Material
Sub-oxidization cross-linking Irradiation cross-linking Other cross-linking PB.PP.PPC
Stability(95℃) A B B-C B-D
Destruction time(95℃) A B B-C B-D
Pliant A B-D A-B B-D
Pliability A B B-D B-D
trike strength A A A C-E
Heat transmission B B B C-D
Fracture elongation D D C C-D
Measurement tolerance A B-D B-D B-D
Surface capability A B B-E B
Mechanical capability(23℃) A B-D B-C A-B
Remained material poison A B B-C B-D
Sensing period(200℃) C B-C A B-C
Creep behavior A A A A-C

A: Very good, B: Good, C: Common, D: Bad

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