PVC Hard Surface Foam Sheet Machine Series

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Products Name: PVC Hard Surface Foam Sheet Machine Series

Features Specifications:

PVC hard surface foam sheet production line is the new product designed by our company with incorporating the advanced overseas technology after being made the market investigation widely. This production line consists of extruder, sheet mold and supporting machine, can be used to produce the hard surface foam sheet with a size of 1220mm for width and 3-30mm for thickness.
Production flow of PVC hard surface foam sheet:
Material――High cooling mixture――Extrusion――Foaming――Cooling for final shape――Spraying――Driving Cutting――Stacking――Inspection――Warehousing
1.Extruder system: The KDPS-130 flat double extruder is used, and the screw is designed to meet the features of workmanship. It has high capacity to extrude, uniform cutting ability and high efficiency of extrusion.
2.Mold system: It is designed to be with an exclusive channel for hard surface foam sheet, can make extruded materials uniform.
3.Cooling for final shape system: It uses lamination structure, and is controlled by hydraulic system, can control the precision of sheet size easily. The piping designed for the cooling system can make sheet cooling uniformly and shape quickly.
4.Driving,Cutting system: It uses combined roller hauling machine, can provide an easy and convenient adjustment for measurement of traction. The electric for hauling machine of roller and wide cutter is controlled simultaneously, will cut sheet flatly.
The whole production line has a nice appearance, convenient and easy electric operation. The production line is featured with high multiple rate of sheet foaming, high surface hardness, flat surface and abrasion resistance. Our company will provide formula and technology.
Main application:
environmental protection, chemical industry, corrosion resistance, advertisement, heat preservation and other fields.
Main parameters:

Specification\Model No. KDJPF-1220
Processing materials PVC
Product width 1220mm
Product thickness range 3-30mm
Output capacity 200~500kg/h
Specification extruder KDPS-130
Die specification 1250
Total power 385kw

PVC Hard Surface Foam Sheet Machine Series

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