Co-Rotation Parallel Twin Screw Extruder(KRTE Series)

Twin Screw Extruder

Products Name: Co-Rotation Parallel Twin Screw Extruder(KRTE Series)

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It a special conical extruder for all kinds of PVC powder material. It has high efficiency for mixing and extrusion, it has the advantages of low-speed cutting, hard decomposition of material, even mixing of plasticity, high output, good quality, self-cleaning, wide application range, long service life. It widely applied, if equipped with related screw and other downstream accessories, based on the raw material of hot-plastics plastics, hot-coagulating plastics and rectified plastics, the following can be produced: PVC pipe, profile, plate, sheet, plastic-wood profile, foamed plate and sheet, rod ,profile, pelletizing, filming, hollow PVC product. Screw is water & oil cooled, and the barred is oil & air cooled and can be cooled quickly; its temperature tolerance is. The horizontal or vertical gearbox is compact and highly reliable, which is suitable for PVC production. Vacuum type exhaust, HPVC powder can be shaped directly efficiently. Automatic PLC temperature is applied, and for common equipment, temperature gauges are employed for convenience and cost saving. According different material prescription from the customers, proper screw is fitted to achieve the best plasticity state and material quality so as to gain the best specific power and specific flow. All the screws are machined by the special-purpose milling machines, which is vital for the accuracy of the extrusion. The world advanced variable screw distance technique and depth-variable screw technique are first applied, which makes material cutting and compression more gently. Special design of distribution box, particularly reinforced thrust bearing, imported bearing, longlife drive and high impact resistance are the advantages. The machinery is equipped with dosing feeding system. Main motor and feeding motor can be controlled by AC frequency converters and DC speed variable system. Most of the electrical elements are imported, it has lots of malfunction alarm functions and it easy operated.
For those customers who require screw & barrel and gearbox critically, the European imported products would be a good choice.

KRTE Screw diameter (mm) L/Dratio Max.screw speed (rpm) Main motor power (kw) Output (kg/h)
KRTE-20 22.0 32-56 600 3-4 2-10
KRTE-35 35.5 32-56 600 15 20-70
KRTE-50 50.5 32-56 600 55 80-200
KRTE-65 62.4 32-56 600 90 150-350
KRTE-75 72.0 32-56 600 160 300-600
KRTE-95 92.0 32-56 600 450 500-1000
KRTE-135 133.0 32-56 400 600 1000-2000
KRTE-165 165.0 32-56 300 900 2000-35000

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