Plastic Plate &Sheet Single Layer Or Multiple Layer Co-Extrusion Line(KR-Series)

Multi-layers Sheet Extrusion Line

Products Name: Plastic Plate &Sheet Single Layer Or Multiple Layer Co-Extrusion Line(KR-Series)

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Details about products
It consists of KRSJ-series plate & sheet special-purpose single screw extruder,KRSJZ-series conical twin screw extruder Or KRSJP-series parallel twin screw rod extruder;equipped with auxiliary downstream accessories and moulds, the following can be produced: PP, PS, HIPS, PE, ABS, EVA, PMMA, PC,PET, PVB, PVC and other plate & sheet. The machinery unit consists of extruder, Screen changing device, melt pump, T-die, 3-roller calender, cooling device, edge cutter, Haul-off system, plate cutter,winder, electrical control system and others. The working principle is the 3 states of the hot-plastic plastics at different temperatures: the pushing force of the screw change the physical state from glass state to high elastic state, then glutinous-and-fluid sate, it comes out from the slim gap of the die, the rest of the procedures are calender, cooling- shaper, edge- cutter, Haul-off, cutter, winder.
Features of the machinery unit
high grade alloy structural steel (38CRMOALA)made material barrel& screw and mould, after nitriding treatment, it gets high hardness, corruption resistant and long service life. Choice T-die,the flowing passage is designed for easy flowing of the material without any detaining, and the product thickness is even. For the calender, large conical slot is designed, the cooling quality inside the roller is good, and the temperature of the material barrel and mould is controlled by PLC. The speed of screw , calender, edge cutting, driving, cutting and winding is adjustable to ensure synchronization. The machinery unit has stable performance and efficient operation, is the best choice for plate & sheet production. Even after the main extruder , die, dehumidity dryer and other downstream auxiliary equipments are changed, the following products can still be produced: PC/PP hollow cross-section plate, PVC transparent soft & hard plate & sheet, PVC foamed plate, PMMA/ABS co-extrusion bathing plate, inside chamber plate of the refrigerator and other multiple-layer composite co-extrusion plate & sheet. Plate & sheet size: width: 100MM 000MM, thickness: 0.2MM 5MM; output rate: 80-1800KG/H. The machinery unit is the best solution for plate & sheet production.
Properties and characteristics
1. Optimized design of high-efficiency plate& sheet single screw extruder, conical twin screw extruder and parallel twin screw extruder, which are suitable for extrusion of PP, PS, PE, ABS, PMMA, PC, PET, PVB, PVC. These extruders have compact structures, even plasticity and mixture, stable extrusion quality, wide application scope, long service life, free of maintenance of screw rod temperature control, low compression ratio, low speed & high output, high rated torque, low maintenance cost, good quality and excellent performance.
2. Strong and durable hard-surface drive system makes sure the stable extrusion rate and good quality.
3. The temperature system keeps stable output stable at different speed of the screws.
4. Automatic closed-loop control is realized via smart modular C4 control system.
5. For those customers who request screw & barrel and gearbox critically, the European imported products are the reasonable option.
6. Quick super heating & cooling spiral multiple-flowing-passage alloy roller,it quickly exchangeable and the surface can be marked with all kinds of patterns or concave-convex plate, the separate driving of the calender makes it possible to use different size rollers, and the linear speed of the rollers can be adjusted separately. Oil cooling quick heating & cooling technique is employed for shaping and cooling to make sure the quick shaping of the plate and sheet.
7. The Haul -off is double driving mechanism, which removes the possibility of slipping due unequal driving force distribution. Single and double surface static remover corona device, silicon oil protection mechanism and double surface film covered protection mechanism are possible options. And the waste edge collector and online waste edge crusher improve the reliability of the plate &sheet production.
8. Hydraulic, mechanical non-dust soft plate cutters, plate& sheet scissor type cutter with scale collector are good choices, which are controlled by PLC.
9. Supply one osition winder or dual-position winder and multi-position winder, choice winder with self otion rectified device.
10. T-die has Two flowing passage tunnels and flow adjustment stopper, which is used to produce multiple-layer plate &sheet under high-precise layer arrangement; mould flowing passage tunnels can be 1-6 or more layer, A, A/B, A/B/A, A/B/C, A/B/C/D/E/F

Modle width Thickness MM Speed m/min Outputr kg/h
KRBF-850 710 0.18-1.5 1-25 80-320
KRBF-1000 830 0.2-2.0 1-20 150-430
KRBF-1500 1350 1-10 0.5-10 150-450
KRBF-2000 1850 2-15 0.5-8 300-550
KRBF-2200 2000 1-10 0.4-3 420-820
KRBF-3000 2850 2-8 0.2-3 500-1200
KRBF-7000 6800 2-6 0.2-2 600-1560

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