XPS Heat Insulation Foamed Plate Extrusion Line(KR-Series)

XPS Heat Insulation Foamed Plate Extrusion Line

Products Name: XPS Heat Insulation Foamed Plate Extrusion Line(KR-Series)

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XPS polystyrene foamed plate is also called polystyrene plastic extrusion plate (abbr. XPS). Process of extrusion: inject the foaming agent into middle melted part of the extruder, which is mixed with polystyrene and additives in the barrel, when the material reach the T-die of the mould end, the pressure sharply drops to normal pressure, the foaming agent in the mixture inflates and becomes foamed, and after foamed plate get cooled, the plate with continuous and even surface and closed honeycomb structure. The extrusion line can run continuously, therefore, the extrusion is very efficient, the product structure is complete and there is not melted joint mark. Compared to EPS, the properties of plate is highly increased, and it has excellent heat insulation capability (heat transforming coefficient: 0.028W/m.k) and pressure-resistant capability (max. 700Kpa). Additionally, the closed honeycomb structure foamed due to continuous extrusion makes it get very low water absorbing value, which is only 1/10 of that of the EPS plate, and it the ideal material for building heat insulation, humidity proof and sound insulation. XPS plastic plate extrusion line consists of: material mixer, extruder, auxiliary downstream machine, pelletizing machine, injection pump of foaming agent. The machinery unit is well equipped, scientifically designed; it has advantages, such as, high output rate, low energy consumption and stable operation.

Model Width Thickness(mm) Extruder Output(kg/h)
KRXPS-600 600 20-60 KRSJJP-90/120 130-260
KRXPS-900 900 20-90 KRSJJP-135/150 150-360
KRXPS-1200 1200 120-120 KRSJJP-150/200 350-650
KRXPS-1500 1500 30-150 KRSJJP-180/250 500-850

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